Dems Wants $7 Gas: Jim Jordan Leftist Draw [VIDEO]

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Jim Jordan, on March 8, announced that he will appear on Fox and Friends to discuss gas prices and why Democrats are letting them raise prices higher than ever, saying on Twitter:

Do Democrats want $10 in gas? Discuss that and more on Fox & Friends at 8:20 a.m. Tune in!

Well, his appearance did not disappoint: he appeared to have mentioned the Democrats’ plan to deal with gas prices.

Beginning his utter merciless takedown, he began by recounting a hearing he was in during which a California Democrat allegedly mobilized oil executives The field is committed to producing less gas and oil, saying:

“I sat in a hearing a few months ago where Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, now has $7.

He had oil and gas executives there in front of them, and he badged each of them, asking them one simple question: Are you committed to reducing production this year?

After telling that story as a way of emphasizing how far the left wing has gone, as he sees it, to make fossil fuels much more expensive, he uses the story to emphasize that higher prices are due to demand. Their demand is just what the left wants. , speak:

I mean, Democrats want $7 on gas. So that’s the biggest problem.

Moving from Democratic plans to their effects on middle-class Americans, Jordan says:

“What does that mean for middle-class families, how does that affect our economy, how does it drive the price of things up because you’ve-need of course? materials to transport goods across the country.”

And why would Joe let that happen? According to Jordan, it’s because he’s scared to the left and wants to appease them rather than side with them. In the words of Jordan:

So that’s utter madness, but that’s where the rest of the day is. And unfortunately, they completely control the Democratic Party, and I think Joe Biden is afraid to stand up to them.

That’s what Jordan emphasized before his comment about the $7 gasoline; On why the conventional solutions to bring down oil prices won’t work, Jordan said:

“The left doesn’t want to go there. Even if Joe Biden wanted to go there, his team wouldn’t let him.”

In Jordan’s view, prices will continue to be high and easy solutions will not be worked out because Biden is the hostage on the left.

And what are those usual solutions? Jordan spoke about them earlier in the show, saying:

The real answer is, let’s increase the output here. And understand, we’re in this terrible position because of the stupid policy decisions of the Biden administration. You all know this – canceling the Keystone Pipeline, disallowing drilling on federal lands, keeping Anwr open, those are the things that need to happen. So we have to focus on that side of the equation.

In the end, Jordan suggested that Biden is being held hostage by the left and has refused to promote production as the reason why the administration discussion buy oil from hostile regimes, saying:

That’s why he talks to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and Iran, for the good.

See him here:

All in all, an excellent performance by Jim Jordan, an excellent knockdown by the radical left. Dems Wants $7 Gas: Jim Jordan Leftist Draw [VIDEO]

Jake Nichol

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