Dead Space Remake Exploit brings you infinite money and ammo

The Dead Space protagonist walks down a dark hallway.

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motif studios Empty room make new is a bloody slow crawl to victory that may be made easier with a discovered exploit by a Reddit user earlier this week.

The exploit has players pull out endless Pulse Rifle ammo to exchange for currency, a process recalled by a commenter on Reddit with the detonator weapon In dead space 2. Though Motive remake made some changes to Empty room, it looks like the franchise’s helpful exploit will remain. Read on to learn how to use it.

How do you get infinite money in the Empty room make new

Here’s the synopsis: Stand near a shop and bank, those workstations scattered throughout the game where you can upgrade your weapons and suit. Unload your Pulse Rifle with its alternate fire (R1), which drops a proximity mine that you can (again with R1) convert to ammo as long as it doesn’t detonate. These converted mines are added to your inventory if you don’t load them into your rifle.

Don’t load them. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem for 2,500 credits per pack. It costs 5,000 credits to respec your weapon, and if you specifically target capacity upgrades, your weapon will automatically reload as part of the upgrade (without using your inventory or the ammo you sold) and more room for ammo overall . The more ammo your gun can handle, the more you can sell when you run out.

That’s the exploit – use R1 to empty your rifle, convert the mines into sellable ammo, and use the money to buy more nodes, the game’s upgrade currency, to improve your weapon’s capacity. Even after exhausting all capacity nodes, you can still buy Respecs to restart the process and make profits. Repeat until you get bored.

How do I get the pulse rifle in? Empty room

The exploit works (it also works with the Line Gun found in Chapter 4, although the Pulse Rifle offers more capacity nodes), but there are undeniably some barriers to entry.

First, of course, you’ll need to get the Pulse Rifle, the game’s fastest firearm, which you won’t acquire until Chapter 2, Intensive Care.

But once you’re in Chapter 2, the rifle is easy to find. Right at the start of the chapter, use the Kinesis Module you just picked up to move some Magnetic Boxes. Go up a sloped hallway and into a room that says Medical Tram Station. Go inside. There’s a dying security officer (RIP) clutching the rifle.

Once she’s exhaled her last few breaths, you can take it from her and add it to your weapon wheel (rude).

How to improve your weapon on the bench

As another Reddit commenter points out, it’s preferable that you use this exploit after you’ve already obtained seven nodes.

In the rifle’s upgrade path, seven nodes result in four capacity upgrades. Having so many capacity upgrades ensures that the cost of re-spec’ing the weapon doesn’t exceed or equal the value of the bullets unloaded.


It’s best to use this exploit near a shop and bank – in the early game you’ll find that in the flight deck tram stop.

Wherever you sell and upgrade, groaning Necromorphs are likely to come your way, drawn by your entrepreneurial spirit. If you need to take them out and save your skin, make sure you use a weapon other than the Pulse Rifle so you don’t run out of your sellable supply.

You can upgrade your rifle’s upgrade path as you progress Empty roomto.

In Chapter 3, the Kinetic Autoloader Pulse Rifle Upgrade will be available for purchase, and in Chapter 4, once you’ve reached Security Level 3 clearance, you can open a locker in the Electrical Storage Room (on Floor 3) in the Bridge’s main atrium and grab the PCSI Custom Magazine Pulse Rifle Upgrade, polygon Remarks. These two upgrades reveal more capacity nodes for your rifle and liven up your new ammo business. Dead Space Remake Exploit brings you infinite money and ammo

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