D&D Next Book Includes an Adventure Inspired by the American South

Journey through the Citadel, an anthology of the next Dungeons & Dragons adventures, will be the first book written entirely by people of color in D&D’s nearly 50-year history. Sixteen writers have dedicated their time and expertise to Wizards of the Coast, among them author and game designer Erin Roberts. Her adventure is called “Written in Blood” and it will take players into a new location called Godsbreath, a land inspired by her own family history.

“Godsbreath is truly my personal love letter [and] respect for the black experience in the American South,” Roberts said during a press conference. “I’m really excited for the opportunity to go back to my family’s past and legacy in Mississippi, Florida and Georgia.”

Roberts was an early graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. Her previous gaming work includes several productions for Paizo, where she has contributed to both the Pathfinder and Starfinder lines, and written for mobile games. Zombies, run! When writing for Wizards, she said she was initially inspired by a book by her great uncle, Professor Chalmers Archer, first published in 1991.

“The first thing I do when I get the chance to do this is run to my great uncle’s book, Black grew up in rural MississippiRoberts said. “I flipped through it – there were pictures of my family on it, [pictures of] my great-grandmother – and really to have the opportunity to expose myself to what kind of experience it was in the Negro, rural South [in the 1930s and ’40s] and how I can make that magical and wonderful in the D&D scene. ”

Godsbreath is not just a single city or a small village. It’s an entire region, an area using geographic analogs whose maps are close to the American South. There’s a murky area called Nightwater Cove that’s inspired by the Gulf of Louisiana. Each of its many islands has its own culture and trade specialties, but the waters surrounding it are brimming with dangerous monsters. There is a port city, called Promise, that serves as a stopover for bustling urban centers like Biloxi, Mississippi or New Orleans. But the real action of this adventure will take place in a rural area called The Ribbon, a bountiful land that supports a vibrant community of farmers. Environmental pressures are forcing farmers to clear new land and cultivate in uncharted wilderness, and an evil supernatural force is rushing out of that wasteland to meet them.

During the adventure, the player will have the opportunity to travel with a number of different non-player characters. These NPCs, Roberts said, will be instrumental in helping players explore Godsbreath and the people who live there. One of the most important NPCs, named Tungsten, is a kind of historian known as a Proclaimer. Roberts describes the Announcer as a cleric and a guarantor, and their job is to preserve people and actions in Godsbreath’s history by adding new stanzas to The Awakening Song.

“It’s an oral history through song of basically everything that’s happened since the early days of this area,” says Roberts. “Every year, people gather and sing together, celebrate and think back to what happened and how they got here, and who they lost along the way, and what the future holds. go where.”

“I love it [players] may have the opportunity to understand the area [through these NPCs]”Roberts said,” and maybe people will want to be the Announcer for themselves and figure out ‘how can I be someone from this region who is out now and is exploring the wide world. bigger?’

“Written in Blood” is an adventure for high school characters. Journey through Ancient wall will arrive in stores and online starting June 21 and cost $49.99. It will also be available in digital formats, including on Roll20, Fantasy amusement parkand through the D&D Beyond toolkit.

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