Dallas man confronts Dillard’s salesman after son hears father say N-word, father’s reaction stuns internet

A Dallas department store clerk was reportedly fired after a viral video set him on fire for allegedly using a derogatory racial slur after a black customer walked by within earshot of the man’s 10-year-old son.

Video screenshot of Dallas father confronting a Dillard employee

The father returned with his young child standing quietly next to him to demonstrate how to scrutinize seemingly racist behavior and actions without causing a scene.

On Monday, July 23, a black man and his son at the Dillard’s store in North Park Center believe they were injured by a white store employee named Homer, who allegedly said “F##king N##gers” after he had passed him.

The man’s cousin, who witnessed the entire altercation, captured part of the incident on video and posted it on her Instagram. In her caption, she gave a detailed account of what prompted Homer to use the bigoted term.

The relative said her cousin, the adult African American male in her video, asked Homer for directions to the store’s fitting room. The elderly gentleman is said to have “pointed in the direction” and said, “F##king N##gers” as he walked away.

The 10-year-old boy, who was shopping with his father, overheard Homer uttering the racially toxic heckling and alerted his parents.

His father first tried to report the seller to his manager, but was told “there was no manager available by Tuesday,” according to the witness.

The parent decided to confront Homer directly about what his son and others heard him say.

Opening at the beginning of the confrontation with the black man, the video says: “My 10-year-old son heard you call me a ‘f##king n##ger’. I want you to know it’s unacceptable. You shouldn’t do that. You’re too old for that.”

He also shared that his family had been valued customers at Dillard’s for years.

“I carry myself with honor,” he continued in a calm and controlled tone. “I would never disrespect a person by calling them other than their name.”

“You don’t know the repercussions of what you did to my son. Or maybe you weren’t aware.” the father explained.

Homer interrupts the man and says he didn’t realize the boy was there when he made the remark.

The unnamed black man said: “It doesn’t matter that you notice. You shouldn’t speak like that. Period.”

Homer said he only said anything about his “leg injury” and denied saying the N-word. The cousin who recorded the video says in her caption that the clerk said a shelf from the Ralph Lauren polo department fell on him.

The father would not let go of him, instead inquiring about his employment at the department store and questioning his behavior morally.

“[You’ve worked here] over 20 years and you behave like this?” he asked.

In an attempt to get Homer to consider all of the dynamics involved in using the N-word, he explained all of the different triggers that people of color can have.

“You don’t know what straw could break the camel’s back,” he warned.

“You didn’t respect me… didn’t respect my family,” he said. “I would never do your children, or your family, or even you…no one who lives…I would never treat anyone that way.”

“I want you man to man to know that shit ain’t cool” before telling him his personal story, “You don’t know what [someone might be going through]. I have grace and honor. I grew up with morals and values. But I lost a lot. I lost my mother. I lost my mother in law. i lost my sister All last year. You don’t know what mental state the next person might be in.”

“And it wouldn’t be a cop… it wouldn’t be a security guard… there wouldn’t be anyone to stop me stepping on your butt if I wanted to, you know?”

The man told him, while his son watched intently, that it’s not about age or race, it’s about how all people should be treated – with respect.

He also said he would use this incident as a learning lesson to teach his son not to be “an idiot” or “play a fool” by telling him “don’t be like Homer.”

After apparently understanding, the father informed the salesman that he had spoken to a supervisor and would let everyone know about the horrific treatment Homer was giving him and his son at Dillard.

Before leaving Homer, who appeared to be blushing with embarrassment, he said goodbye to him: ‘May God bless you and carry you on. I will pray for you. peace and blessings.”

One person in the comments section said the gentleman showed “pure class” in how he handled the situation.

“Respect, love and peace to the guy and his son. He handled it in a decent way because I wouldn’t if I had been so peaceful,” confessed UniqueLove48.

Another wrote: “He handled it so well I almost feel sorry for the guy lol damn you got a lesson at your age lol smh.”

Many vowed to stop shopping at Dillard and despised Homer.

“I hope Homer loses his job and a lot more,” said TaraJoy79.

A statement from the company published on Twitter on Thursday evening should have corresponded to the IG user’s request.

The tweet responded to a comment, saying, “The allegations made against our former employee were promptly investigated, found to be in clear violation of our standards, and his employment at Dillard’s was terminated immediately.”

However, Dillard’s has not released a formal statement from its corporate headquarters.

https://atlantablackstar.com/2022/07/31/i-almost-feel-bad-for-the-dude-dallas-man-confronts-dillards-sales-clerk-after-son-hears-him-call-the-father-the-n-word-the-fathers-reaction-leaves-the-internet-stunned/ Dallas man confronts Dillard’s salesman after son hears father say N-word, father’s reaction stuns internet

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