Current best undiscovered for PS5, starring Nathan Drake

Chloe and Nadine stand on a cliff and gaze out into the Indian countryside in Uncharted Lost Legacy on PS5.

Screenshots: Sony / Kotaku

The best Not detected yet The game doesn’t open in media res with hero Nathan Drake hanged, shot out of a derailed train in the Himalayas. It didn’t start with him ripping through 12-foot swaths of land in the Pacific Ocean in a speedboat on a stormy night. No, it started with a focus on his sporadic companion, Chloe Frazer, who was exploring a market in southwestern India.

It’s correct, Uncharted: The Lost Legacywhich was first released for PlayStation 4 in 2017 and launched again today for PlayStation 5 as part of a fancy new game Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collect, possibly the best entry in Naughty Dog’s cool action-adventure series. It’s definitely the most underrated, yes sell a small part of its predecessors. If Legacy of Thieves is your first foray into Not detected yetdo not sleep on Lost legacy.

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The side game is original concept as DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endand the result is a tighter problem Not detected yets, starting at 8 a.m. You play as Chloe, who made waves as a lucky supporting character in Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 before sitting out Uncharted 4. You are teamed up (because every modern Naughty Dog game needs a solid companion to power you up from time to time) with Nadine Ross, one of the Uncharted 4main antagonist of. Your goals are the same as goals in everything Not detected yet game: find a lost treasure — in this case, a relic called the Tusk of Ganesh.

In a recent interview with British GQKurt Margenau, one of the Lost legacyTheir co-directors, noted how pivoting from the epilogue of a decades-old story to a spin-off allowed the team to take some risks. You can clearly feel the MO in every pixel of the game.

But on the contrary Not detected yet always has its main stories structured in Hollywood-ready black and white, Lost legacy square gray. Chloe has never been the series’ most benevolent hero, and Nadine has never been its most brutal villain. Placing the duo front and center gives both a chance to renew their character as individuals grapple with (sorry) their legacy in ways that wouldn’t have been possible when they had a second bill . A well-written script – filled with biblical-worthy sublime jokes at the cost of the series – gives room for the formerly strict Nadine to be comical and for the formerly aloof Chloe to be able to do. get more done than narrowly bullying. .

But Lost legacy not only stands out for its cinematic gadgets. Uncharted 4 introduced a host of game mechanics to the series, including new ways to get around (grapple hook!) or kill enemies (sneaky!). These alter the recipe, although in some cases feel undercooked. (Uncharted 4 fame has gone through a tumultuous growth cycle.) Lost legacy Serve these elements fully cooked.

Nadine and Chloe climb a giant structure in Uncharted Lost Legacy on PS5.

Lost legacyThe climbs are often amazing in scale (you can see the heroes up close).
Screenshots: Sony / Kotaku

Uncharted 4 introduced proper stealth mechanics to the series, but you can only kill unintentional enemies by closing the gap and performing a melee attack, so most encounters are into frenzied, chaotic gunfights. Lost legacy gives you a silenced pistol. Uncharted 4 gave you a jeep and an open-looking area but instead played out as a series of linear combat encounters. Lost legacy gives you a similar jeep (with winch to boot) and a realistic wide open area that has several main objectives along with optional side quests that you can take down in the order that you found suitable. More, it has a map.

Thanks to the fleet’s rapid speed, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was an explosion through and through. It culminates in one of the game’s most explosive setups, one that combines the thrills of off-road racing with the frenetic thrills of a train fight. Guaranteed, Uncharted 4lovely ending of may have cemented the story of a long-loved character, but it Lost legacy that puts an arc to the style of play that Naughty Dog revolutionized 15 years ago.

Alternatively, you can pause the game at any time and let Chloe do this face:

Chloe grabs a gun and screams while Nadine stares blankly in Uncharted Lost Legacy.

Screenshots: Sony / Kotaku

So a plea: As Not detected yet undergoing a cultural revival, as new and old fans see its value, as Hollywood finally gets to eat its cakelet’s not let the legacy of Lost Heritage lost in the war. Current best undiscovered for PS5, starring Nathan Drake

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