Cruz takes stance against Fauci: “Enough is enough”

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Senator Ted Cruz, ripping off Dr. Fauci in a recent speech, had some harsh words for the gravelly tyrant and the anti-liberal policies he advocates. Tweeting in response to a Fauci quote, Senator Cruz said:

Oh my god no.

For petty tyrants like Fauci, they have only one tool in their toolbox: dictatorial constraints.

Enough is enough.

Fauci, in the video to which Cruz is responding, says that the US needs to be prepared to “pivot” if Covid returns, speech:

When the CDC released their revision of the indicators, said that most of the country is currently in a situation where you can withdraw the concealment. There is a big caveat about that. However, they said if things turn around and you start to see a worrying increase in cases, especially if they lead to [in an] increased hospitalization rates. ”

“We should be prepared to pivot and maybe go back to reinstating some of these restrictions regarding indoor face coverings when you have a gathering setting. I hope that doesn’t happen. But we need to be prepared for that.

Plus, Fauci added that the US may need to deal with Covid on a regular basis, speech:

“It is conceivable that we may sometimes need a health boost similar to what we do when we get our annual flu shot. There is no guarantee that will be required. But we need to at least keep an open mind that that might be essential in the next few years. “

So while Fauci may have retreated tactically and retreated from the masks and quests, he’s clearly raising hopes that he’ll get a chance to bring those back.

Cruz, as can be seen from his tweet, is not very pleased with that statement, nor is it implied that Fauci is looking for an opportunity to bring back all the duties and powers that have bestowed on him. years ago when Covid first raised his ugly head.

However, it is hoped that more Americans and representatives will stand with Cruz than Fauci. Whether because Democrats are trying to regain some popularity before midterms or because people are just tired of Covid, mandates and rules have disappeared across the country, a good sign for all. even those who are bored and tired of tyranny.

However, to keep things that way, to prevent Fauci and his henchmen from bringing things back up right after the end of the term and the Democrats need less political cover, Americans have to be extremely supportive. Cruz’s location.

That means more than just saying you’re done with the mask, done with the quest, and done with listening to the gravel-voiced tyrant and his ego-filled appearances on the cable news. It means saying “no” whenever they suggest bringing those policies back. It means not giving in even a little when they and their minions try to limit your freedom again. Cruz takes stance against Fauci: “Enough is enough”

Jake Nichol

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