Crusader Kings III gets even better in 2022 thanks to the Royal Court

I have considered Crusader Kings III in August 2020 and as brilliant as I am about a video game here However, having previewed it, then played it to death to watch it again, when I was done I put the game down and haven’t come back to it since.

That’s not a bit against the game, it’s just how I’ve learned to approach major Paradox releases over the decades. Are from Iron heart arrive Stellaristhese games tend to launch in pretty good shape, then mutate over the years through constant patches and expansions, and to best gauge each game’s progress along the way. There, I noticed that instead of just playing them all the time, I go back every year or two and see what’s going on.

That’s exactly what I did here, because Crusader Kings III just got the first major expansion, Royal Court. This is the first time I’ve revived the game since its launch and also its first major update, I think it’s a great opportunity to see how it’s come to be over the next 18 months. upon release.

I don’t want to shock you here, but it’s really taking shape. Royal Court is an odd extension, at least by Paradox standards, because unlike most offerings from the company for major strategic releases, which tend to creep into existing systems Yes, Royal Court has a different purpose from the main Crusader Kings experience.

It does exactly what the name suggests and adds a letter Royal Court into the game, a screen that you can access at any time, separate from the previous maps and menus that make up the entire space in it Crusader Kings campaign already exists. Through it, your inner circle of children, councilors and courtiers is represented in the flesh; The crowd gathers and whispers, you are sitting in the center of the room on your throne, and anyone who addresses you will kneel.

This room is not a static object; the people that reside there will change over the years/centuries as they die/move and are replaced, just like your player character, but the room itself also has space for artifacts, items can be crafted or won and displayed as trophies. You can hang banners on the wall or hang swords that threaten your guests from the pedestal next to you. The status of your throne room will soon become a physical representation of your kingdom’s own health and personality.

It sounds like a completely pointless exercise, but it’s not, because it’s not really a new idea. It is possible to find something akin to this immersion attempt in the head Civilization The game allows you to improve your palace or throne room, turning political power into aesthetic pleasure.

I love that diversion and so do countless other fans, that’s why people are still converting classic rooms into modern ones. Civilization game today. And I love it for the same reasons I love it Royal Court. Crusader Kings is a game of grand existence, a game always represented on a distant map that spans half the globe. It’s a game about human relationships, viewed only by stats and menu options.

Royal Court pulls you out of the clouds and takes you directly into the game world. It gives you something that truly represents the realm of existence in a familiar human dimension. It makes a huge difference not only your immersion but also your ability to relate to the campaign seeing your rulers actually sit on their thrones and see the court function as a real court and not just the numeric value on the sidebar.

In addition to being beautifulYour throne room also has a large “HOLDING COURT” button, which when activated will allow you to enjoy a brief tribute Kingwith everyone from peasants to vassals approaching you with dilemmas to deal with and decisions to make. While Crusader Kings already full decisions, which tend to involve your strategic interests or those that affect you personally.

These are the farmers who need your help. Or freeloaders sneak in for a free drink. The lords are arguing with each other, the courtiers are jealous that you have given their rivals a prestigious job, or your children are just nasty children. If the throne room itself helps connect you to your avatar, the Holding Court connects them to the wider world around them and really makes you feel like a medieval ruler, instead of one who just makes a bunch of numerical judgments based on statistical personality (which, let’s be clear, we’re still working here, it’s just much more fuzzy).

Returning to the game after 18 months also meant that I also had to enjoy some smaller tweaks, some of them rolled out with the free update released with this expansion, others from previous things like flavor packs that I just got to catch up on. All of them, like most Crusader Kings updated, seamlessly incorporated into the experience.

Crusader Kings II has been extended to eight years before Paradox is finally released Crusader Kings III, so this latest release is just the beginning of what is likely to be a very long journey. And if this is what it will look like at every stop, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Crusader Kings III gets even better in 2022 thanks to the Royal Court

Curtis Crabtree

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