Cowboys’ Dak Prescott fined $25,000 for recent post-game comments involving officials, reports

The NFL is fined Dak Prescott $25,000 for his post-game comments regarding the following officials Dallas Cowboys‘Wild card playoff lost’ San Francisco 49ers Last Sunday, follow NFL Network.

Prescott praises Cowboys fans for throw debris at the direction of officials after Dallas’ 23-17 loss abruptly ended their promising 2021 season.

“I mean, if they’re not with us and the fans feel the same way we do, and if that’s what they’re doing, then yeah, I guess that’s why the fans… I guess that’s why the re-introduction hit and got out of there so quickly,” Prescott said. “So I mean, yeah, I think everybody’s upset with the way this has turned out. I’m sure a fan would feel the same way as we do.”

Prescott echoed those comments in an apology he posted on social media over the weekend.

“I take NFL officials seriously and have always respected their professionalism and the difficulty of their work,” Prescott said in his statement. “The safety of everyone attending a game or participating on the field of a sporting event is a very serious matter.”

The play that drew the most outrage from Cowboys fans was Sunday’s final loss, when the Cowboys were unable to play a final game after officially spotting the ball after a Prescott run. The game clock expired before Prescott could start one last time.

“[I was thinking] we have a chance,” Prescott said His thoughts on the last trip. “That’s all I could ask for – to have the ball. Six points off, a chance to win the game. … The defense did a great job giving us that chance. But can’t capitalize, i think last wednesday down there, [was] ending, almost a big play, but not going our way. “

Instead of winning against their playoff opponents, the Cowboys’ season ended without a trip to Super Bowl for the 27th consecutive season. The Cowboys’ last Super Bowl win came in 1996, when Dallas beat Steelsmith 27 – 17.

The loss took away much of the shine of a largely successful season for the Cowboys and coach Mike McCarthy. After a 6-10 season in 2020, the Cowboys won 12-5 and claimed the NFC East crown thanks to explosive attacking play and a dynamic defense led by rookies. Micah Parsons and back defense Trevon Diggs.

“More pain, definitely more pain,” McCarthy said loss. “The longer you’ve been in this league, the more you understand that being in this position is very difficult to accomplish. Think about what we’ve been through as a team. Football team, it’s just that we’ve had a lot of changes compared to last year. Last year was a difficult, very difficult year. I talked about this last night in a team meeting, I can’t say enough about a football team in today’s COVID conditions and the limitations of the players and time on their premises.

“These guys, they’ve been strong since February, captain training and everything. So there’s a huge amount of stuff that has gone into the culture in the dressing room and the way this group has come together and me. I’m proud of that. Me” I’m proud of that. And I know they do too. We were extremely disappointed. This is the match we expect to win. “ Cowboys’ Dak Prescott fined $25,000 for recent post-game comments involving officials, reports

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