Covid’s ‘Most Evil’ Official ‘Confused’ by Blue States Upgrades Masks for Schools, Throws CDC Under Bus

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, appeared on CNN and expressed embarrassment at the blue states’ abandonment of mask regulations. Clock:

“At least seven states will end the requirement to wear masks in schools in the next few weeks,” Alisyn Camerota said. “Two of these states, Connecticut and Massachusetts, will lift masks later this month. Just today, the governor of Maryland asked the Ed. to approve the lifting of school mask restrictions there, and the governor of Nevada just ended his state’s mask-wearing mandate, ‘effective immediately. “

“But the CDC says it’s still too early,” she continued. “So what do the teachers and doctors think?”

CNN may have pointed out the problem. We will continue.

“Randi Weingarten is president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Dr. Ali Khan is chair of the Department of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Great to meet you both. Randi, Massachusetts and Connecticut and Nevada, all raised masks for students and schools. One, Nevada is today, two is later this month. How do you feel about that? How do the teachers feel? ”

This is a terrible question. A better question would be: ‘How do parents and students ‘feel’? Camerota should ask her to justify her continued concealment of children with a well-reasoned plea based on science. But, this is CNN, after all.

“So you can see why teachers, parents, and others would be confused about how the CDC said one thing and now you have a whole bunch of second governors saying something completely different,” complained Weingarten. complain. “Honestly, what we’ve done is that in November three months ago since we supported masking off the ramp, we knew that masks interfered with learning.”


“But we also know that masks are there for the safety of the children, the community and ourselves,” she continued without providing any scientific evidence. “So what I did was last November before Omicron, I asked the CDC, Dr. Walensky and Dr. Cardona, and I said, can you really give us that and investigate, and find out, at the same time. a science-based stat or a shortcut to masking? ”

“And did you understand?” Cameron asked.

Never“She alleges.

“And the dilemma now, like today – I have two op-es on my desk,” she continued. “One says we have to put on the mask now, the mask doesn’t work, and the other says don’t do it now. That is why teachers and many parents are only telling scientists and government officials, let this decision be informed by science and safety, not by politics.” .

This is how public policy works. The public debates it. Elected representatives decide how to act on voters’ requests or inform them of the right policy decisions they intend to make.

“And I thought, I’m going to promote the one governor that I think does the absolutely right thing, which is Governor Hochul of New York,” she said. It should be pointed out that Hochul has issued many unlawful masking duties, according to the court’s decision. New York also has one of these the worst Vivid policy performances in country. It is currently rated worst state in america.

“She lifted the adult mask regulation effective immediately, just like the governor of Nevada did, but she said when it comes to, you know, students in schools and facilities and other mass transit, she listed four or five different things that they” are looking at so we all know it with the goal in mind – which is to lift this mission by late February, early March,” she continued.

“The last thing I will say is this, this is good news. I know it’s confusing right now, but the good news is that Omicron is really going down and the good news is that we’ve got enough people vaccinated and enough people boosted so you can see the road to it. normal,” she added. “And I don’t want the leader to be hidden in the midst of this confusion.”

New York Post has voiceover Randi Weingarten Covid the most “evil” official.

“There has been in recent days a glorious stampede out of pandemic restrictions in the states that Democrats have always loved most – California has announced an end to indoor mask-wearing regulations. on Monday,” the Post noted. “Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, Rhode Island and New Jersey have all eased restrictions over the past week. New York Governor Kathy Hochul waived the vax-or-mask requirement for businesses Wednesday. “

“By far the two biggest predictors of whether a given school district during a pandemic has opened or closed, concealed or uncovered, is the size of the percentage of local votes in favor of the school district. for or against Donald Trump and the comparative power of teacher unions,” the post continued. “There are 13 states that still have mask regulations for schools; all but Nevada support Joe Biden in 2020 by at least 10 percentage points.

And as the CNN interview noted, even Nevada is abandoning school masking mandates.

There was never any good reason for the CDC’s school masking guidelines. As the email thread document has released, the main reason why CDC actually imposes guidelines in 2021 because teacher unions pressured them to do so.

There is also new data from the Office for National Statistics (UK) that clearly shows that Covid-19 has never been more dangerous for young people and children than the seasonal flu.

As an image from the Financial Times shared on Twitter shows, Covid is 20%-30% like as deadly as seasonal flu for children and young people. Even more strikingly, the Office for National Statistics also indicated that students who “never” wore masks were less likely to test positive for Covid than classmates who “never” wore them.

The UK’s superior data transparency and recognition of real Covid science could be one reason the UK ended the wearing of masks for children very early in the pandemic.

Meanwhile, back in the US, the CDC is sharing false information about masks.

Ian Miller rightly pointed out on his Substack column “Revealed” that this is intentionally misinformed from CDC. You can clearly see on the image “no statistical significance”. Research is as worthless as the masks themselves.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky also call out at publications like The Atlantic to share severely flawed studies aimed at promoting the effectiveness of school masking.

Randi Weingarten can claim that it is all very “confusing” why the blue states are looking at the free states that have long since abandoned their mandates and are starting to thrive instead of diving deeper. into the Covid abyss. But she only has people like herself and her colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control held accountable. Unlike their regular swings on the issue with political winds, the science is clear: Masks never work.


Brutal fact-checked CDC director: Student mask study exposed as fake Covid’s ‘Most Evil’ Official ‘Confused’ by Blue States Upgrades Masks for Schools, Throws CDC Under Bus

James Brien

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