Corrupt multimillionaire Joe Biden scolds politicians for getting rich: ‘You shouldn’t make money while you’re in office’

President Joe Biden, also known as “The Big Guy” to his scandal-plagued son Hunter, stumbled through a Tuesday afternoon address to make the incredible claim that he doesn’t believe politicians should get rich in office. Consider:

The war one [redacted] will continue to weigh on the global economy,” Biden said. “It’s going to take its toll in energy, and it’s going to take its toll relative to food.”

“When I was running for office, you heard me say it a thousand times that we’re going to build an economy around you,” he continued. “I’m so sick of the trickle-down economy. And I never found that dripping on my head that much.”

“I was listed … I had the great pleasure of being listed as the poorest man in Congress for 36 years,” he continued. “I still made a hell of a lot more money than everyone else because I was getting a senator’s salary, no kidding.”

“I didn’t think office was a place to make money,” he claimed.

“But anyway, the point is this,” he added. “A lot of people are injured. It makes a big difference. Makes a big difference. The cost of a dozen eggs costs a gallon of gas. It is important. It is important.”

“The last time I ran, I came to the conclusion that we’re going to build this economy from the bottom up middle, because when that happens, everyone’s fine,” he continued. “The rich are doing very well and the poor have a ladder up and the middle class has a little breathing room.”

Then Biden shared one of those hard-to-believe anecdotes he loves to tell when he strays from the script.

“I grew up in a household where we lived on two levels, one house, three bedrooms, four kids, mom and dad and grandpa lived with us,” he said. “And I remember one night where, you know, the walls here were pretty thin. My father was restless the next morning. When he went to work I asked mom what was the problem? She said he just realized his company just said no more, won’t, will no longer cover health insurance. It is important. These things are important to people. They are important to ordinary people.”

Beyond Biden folk tales, he’s become incredibly wealthy in his nearly 50 years at the box office. Forbes notes that “Joe Biden made $17.3 million in the four years he was out of office, but his net worth is.” just estimated $8 million.”

“On the day America’s first billionaire president took office, ‘middle class’ Joe Biden boarded the Amtrak from Union Station in Washington DC to begin his adult life with the modest fortune one might expect from someone who started his life as a chosen one to go to Delaware officially: $2.5 million, which consists mostly of pensions and real estate,” Forbes said. “But Biden was close to making money. By the end of 2017, he and his wife Jill had earned $11.1 million. They grossed $4.6 million over the next year, followed by $1 million in 2019 and $630,000 in 2020.”

“The story of how Biden became a wealthy man after his vice presidency and used his fame to sell books and give speeches has been told many times,” Forbes continued. “But a closer look at the math raises a question that wasn’t asked: why isn’t Biden even richer? If someone starts with a net worth of $2.5 million and makes $17.3 million while the markets are raging, you would expect them to be worth more than $8 million. So what happened to Biden’s money? Well, $7 million of that covered taxes, another $1.3 million went to charity, $180,000 was paid for housekeeping, and an estimated $80,000 went toward interest on mortgages. Take those items out, however, and you’re still a few million over Biden’s estimated net worth.

“There is a possibility that Biden, who shares his fortune with his wife Jill, may have given to other family members,” the report added. “Or maybe he just spent it all. To be worth $8 million — as an analysis of Biden’s financial reports, wealth records, and career earnings suggests — the president would have spent an average of about $2,000 a day in the four years he was out of office have to chase air.”

The White House did not respond to Forbes’ multiple requests for comment on Joe Biden’s money.

Town & Country also reported on Joe Biden’s real estate holdings.

“Biden began buying homes in his 20s, particularly ones that were outside of his budget, taking out multiple mortgages and borrowing against life insurance policies,” Town & Country reported. “His net worth has often been in the red — in 2007 he was ranked as the least wealthy Senator.”

“Today, the 78-year-old president-elect is hardly part of the middle class,” the report added. “According to a 2019 Forbes estimate, Biden and his wife Jill are worth $9 million, much of which comes from speaker fees and book deals that came in after his vice presidency. About $4 million of that value is in his real estate. And as they officially move into America’s most magnificent home today, the White House joins an already impressive group of stately digs owned by the President and First Lady.”

Town & Country then listed stunning properties in Greenville, Delaware; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; and McLean, Va.

The Daily Mail, one of the key publications to analyze Hunter Biden’s laptop first-hand, has detailed how the former senator-vice president’s connections were used to make his family a great fortune.

“Several of Joe Biden’s associates emailed him calling him the ‘Big Guy’ – the latest in a mountain of evidence that the President was involved in his son’s affairs,” the Daily Mail noted.

But emails and documents on Hunter’s laptop show Joe Biden:

  • was nicknamed “Big Guy” in an email from Hunter’s contractor as a potential 10% owner of Hunter’s joint venture with Chinese oil giant CEFC
  • Met with Hunter’s foreign business associates at a DC restaurant, despite initial White House denials
  • At the At the behest of his son, an executive met with the suspected corrupt man [redacted] Gas company Burisma, where Hunter held a $1 million-a-year board seat
  • Met with Hunter and his Mexican billionaire business associates at the Vice President’s official residence
  • flown Hunter and his business partner – a top political donor – flew Air Force 2 to Mexico for a business meeting with the same Mexican billionaires
  • was gave out keys to Hunter’s proposed office to be shared with his Chinese business associates — although, according to the office manager, Hunter never picked up the keys
  • Met with Hunter’s now jailed business partner, Devon Archer, who was made a Burisma board member along with Hunter the same month Joe visited him [redacted] as VP, according to White House visitor logs
  • Divided a bank account with Hunter and paid each other’s bills
  • Spoken with former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who at the time was planning to start a DC consultancy with Hunter and Joe that would take care of foreign criminals
  • had Hunter’s business partner files his tax returns
  • wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li

Joe Biden may claim that he doesn’t believe civil servants should get rich “while in office,” but the “middle-class Joe’s” track record shows that not only has he made millions in his five decades in office, he has has made an even greater fortune for his family through institutionalized corruption. Corrupt multimillionaire Joe Biden scolds politicians for getting rich: ‘You shouldn’t make money while you’re in office’

Jake Nichol

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