Congressman Boebert is planning this Big Strike Against Illegal Immigration

Rep. Boebert has a big idea on how to combat illegal immigration, an idea that Congress apparently launched a while ago. Better late than never, I guess. In any case, her plan is: to cut the tax money out to help illegal immigrants, especially for legal services.

Fox interviewed Boebert for exclusive reporting on the topic of her plan to tackle illegal immigration. As it reported about the plan and how she describes it:

The Colorado Republican is the author of the “Illegal Aliens Non-Taxpayer Funded Act” with support from other conservative and immigration-reducing organizations of the House. Boebert said no organization or city that receives federal funds should spend that money on legal aid for people crossing the southern border illegally.

“The principle is really simple: No more US tax dollars to help illegal aliens cut our boundaries and circumvent our laws,” Boebert, a freshman lawmaker, told Fox News Digital in an interview.

The invoice, a copy of which is included in the Fox report, provided that “No Federal funds received under a Federal contract, grant, loan or partnership agreement may be used for any entity providing legal representation or legal direction (as described in section 235(c)(4) of the William Wilberforce Victims of Trafficking Protection Act of 2008 (8 USC 1232(c)(4)) for Aliens Unlawfully Present in the United States States, who are undergoing removal procedures.

It also provides that “No State, local government unit, or territory of the United States that receives funds from the Federal Government may use or allocate such funds, or provide any other form of assistance, to any any legal defense funds for representing aliens unlawfully present in the United States in civil proceedings. ”

The plan is intended to combat both private organizations directing federal dollars toward illegal immigrants and Brandon’s plan, called Legal Access at the Border (LAB), to provide Free legal services for illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, it will happen to cities that spend money to help illegal immigrants and use the power of superiority to prevent them from doing so. Present, it is estimated to beThe states spend about $5 million a year providing free legal services to illegal immigrants.

Boebert’s bill, if passed, would be a blow to the pro-illegal immigrant lobby. By refusing to send federal dollars to those cities and the nonprofits that spend money to help illegal immigrants, Boebert will put a major barrier to anyone who wants to spend the money. government to help illegals, directly or indirectly. Additionally, the bill could be used by governors, mayors, etc… as an excuse not to “do more” to help illegals.

Talking about that and why she pushed the bill, Boebert told Fox “Democrats want to treat border detention facilities like an Oprah Winfrey gig. You get free education, you get a free plane ticket. You get free medical care. You get free, free, free. It really has to stop and my bill is the first step in the process. ”

She added that “Gone are the days when we allowed foreign nationals to illegally break our laws, cross our southern border, and then we our people provide a measure of protection. legally at the expense of American taxpayers so they can stay here illegally.

American taxpayer dollars should not be spent helping people who willfully break American laws. While Boebert’s bill has little chance of passing as long as Democrats remain in charge of Congress and the White House, it’s a preview of conservative legislation that is likely to come with red waves. Congressman Boebert is planning this Big Strike Against Illegal Immigration

James Brien

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