Complete DMZ Mission List with Rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

mission level Task Reward Badge of Honor 1 Acquire a basilisk, commonly found in police stations

Kill 13 enemies with headshots using a basilisk

Basilisk (Contraband) + 5000 XP Convenience 1 Refuel and repair vehicles at five gas stations

Extract seven gas cans

Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key +
5000 XP demolitions 1 Purchase a Destroy Supplies contract

Complete a contract to destroy supplies

Open a vault

Double Weapon XP Token + 5000 XP fully loaded 1 Moving out with a full backpack RAPP H (Contraband) + 5000 XP flight reconnaissance 1 Land a light helicopter at Hafid Port Heliport

Download the Light Helos trajectory data

Extract the light helos trajectory data

Steel Spirit Blueprint + 10,000 XP health conscious 1 Loot a medicine cabinet

Extract nine stims

Extract six bandages

White Lotus Emblem + 5000 XP world traveler 1 Travel to six different POIs in one deployment M16 (Contraband) + 5000 XP Bag them and mark them 2 Loot and extract four enemy dog ​​tags

Loot and extract two pieces of Black Mous Intel from Rohan Oil

EBR-14 (Contraband) + 7500 XP bombing raid 2 Exfil with six killstreaks in one mission Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox Key + 7500 XP death from above 2 Buy a Precision Airstrike from a store

Use precision air strikes to kill ten enemies

Stronghold Key Card + 7500 XP hit and run 2 Run over 16 enemies with a vehicle

Refuel and repair a vehicle at a gas station

LA-B 330 (Contraband) + 7500 XP hostage rescue 2 Complete a hostage rescue contract

Exfil with the helo of the hostage evacuation

30 minutes double XP + 7500 XP Intel running 2 Activate 5 UAV towers

Kill 20 enemies pinged by UAV turrets

White Lotus Calling Card + 7500 XP Two birds 2 Drive to Al-Safwa Quarry

Kill 18 enemies in the quarry

Destroy 2 Reinforcement Helicopters in Al-Safwa Quarry

Defuse Operator Skin + 15,000 XP air supremacy 3 Control 3 SAM sites simultaneously Low Profile Calling Card + 10,000 XP Fast and strong 3 Open a fortress door with a keycard

Clear 3 strongholds each in less than 15 seconds after unlocking the stronghold

Bryson 890 (Contraband) + 10,000 XP mall rat 3 Kill 20 enemies in the Sa’id City Mall without being knocked down

Kill 3 operators in the Sa’id City mall

Double Weapon XP Token + 10,000 XP Medical mule 3 Deliver 20 Stims to the Dumpster northeast of Al-Sammam Cemetery

Deliver 10 emergency rations to a dumpster north of Al-Sammam Cemetery

Extract 5 self revives

556 Icarus (Contraband) + 10,000 XP scout 3 Loot the GPS tracker from the dumpster near Sa’id City Mall

Travel to any POI while wearing the GPS tracker in a mission

Extract the GPS tracker

Horde Breaker blueprint + 20,000 XP Robin Hood 3 Open 3 vaults in one mission

Extract 100,000 from a single teammate in a deployment

Satiq Poppy Farmer House Key +10,000 XP dug up Acquire a key from the Crane Control Room in Al Safwa Quarry

Unlock the Crane Building Base

Extract the Quarry Operations folder in the Crane Control Room

Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key + 10,000 XP Collapsed 4 Enter the riverside caves at Sattiq Caves by boat

Loot and extract the smuggling records in the riverside caves in the Sattiq Caverns

Place sensitive documents in the original location of smuggling records in the same deployment

Anti-Medic Operator Skin + 35000 XP cover no concealment 4 Shoot 8 enemies in locked keeps with a Snapshop grenade

Kill 20 enemies in locked keeps

Sawah Hotel Room 303 Key + 15000 XP grenade supplier 4 Deliver 7 Proximity Mines or Claymores to the Dumpster between Al Safwa Quarry and Rohan Oil

Deliver 5 Thermite grenades to the Dumpster in Al-Mazrah City in one mission

Extract 13 Frag Grenades in one mission

Double XP token + 15000 XP Heavy Archer 4 Kill 25 enemies with an HCR 56 in Al Sharim Pass

Kill 10 armored enemies with an HCR 56

War for Peace calling card + 15,000 XP hero run 4 Complete 3 hostage rescue missions in under 2:00 minutes each Gray Matter vehicle skin + 15,000 XP omnivore 4 Kill 35 armored enemies in Sawah Village

Kill 15 enemies with shields in Al-Mazrah City

Kill 4 enemy helicopters

SO-14 (Smuggling) + 15000 XP Clean house 5 Unlock and clean up the Kushaak Construction Warehouse

Unlock and delete the Downtown Post Office in the same deployment

Unlock and clear the main building of the US Embassy in the same mission

Double Weapon XP Token + 20000 XP cramped quarters 5 Kill 50 enemies with a Bryson 800 with a sawed off mod in Mawizeh Marsh

Kill 30 Operators with a Bryson 800 with an 8″ XRK CQB barrel

Melee kill 3 Operators with a Bryson 800 equipped with a Vulture Claw Breacher

Low Profile Emblem + 20,000 XP deadlines 5 Complete 4 contracts in less than 5:00 minutes Al Bagra Underground Key + 20,000 XP Humanitarian Relief 5 Deliver 40 Bandages to the Dumpster in Sa’id City

Extract 25 Self Revives Extract 40 Bottles of Aspirin

X13 Car (Contraband) + 20000 XP Massive stock 5 Kill 20 enemies with a 556 Icarus using a VLK Koloss Flash Hider, an FTac SB, a Vortex-90 and a Corio Precio Factory mounted at over 150 meters in the Zaya Observatory

Kill 10 Operators with headshots using a 556 Icarus with a Vortex-90, an FTac SB, and a Bipod V9 Grip
Kill 20 Operators with a 556 Icarus with a Bipod V9 Grip, a VLK Koloss Flash Hider and a Corio Precio Factory within 100 meters

556 Icarus (Smuggling)
+ 20000 XP The route forward 5 Loot 7 tracking devices from the dumpster in Al Sharim Pass

Install 7 tracking devices on the AQ trucks in the Sattiq Caverns in one mission

Travel to the server rack in the bunker in the Sattiq Caverns and download the data

Chisel Blueprint + 40,000 XP weight limit 5 Exfil 8 times with a full backpack and gear Fanning East 1 phone card +
20000 XP Complete DMZ Mission List with Rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

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