Colin Cowherd offers a heartbreaking reality check to Chicago Bears’ Roquan Smith

On Tuesday, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd made a strong but truthful statement about the Chicago Bears and linebacker Roquan Smith.

That Chicago Bears Don’t want, can’t, and don’t want to modernize their business operations, and nobody like Colin Cowherd can tell you that.

But on Tuesday, the Fox Sports radio host opened up about the latest drama involving the Windy City men and their disgruntled star linebacker, Roquan Smith. Cowherd draws a parallel with the NBA champions Golden State Warriors, adding that Chicago doesn’t want to modernize its approach to 21st-century football, instead sticking to its roots from decades ago. Cowherd also mentioned other NFL franchises that have followed this method.

Normally one takes such takes with caution. However, in this case, Cowherd is spot on. For some Bears fans, it no longer seems like shock material and utter disrespect. Here’s the reality: the truth hurts.

That’s not to say the Chicago Bears should trade Roquan Smith or not pay at all. If you can get him at a reasonable price that matches his performance and help the team navigate a grueling salary cap, write the check and move on.

But for a team that’s coming off a 6-11 season and has so many holes to fill, it’s not a good idea to invest that much in a single player who isn’t a game changer. It would be best to have gifted players like Roquan Smith but he can’t be the only player. It’s not just about gathering talent; It’s about building a team.

But back to Cowherd for a moment; If you go back from the 1950s to today, there are countless great linebackers you could name for the Chicago Bears, but the same cannot be said for wide receivers. Were there any good ones? Yes. Brandon Marshall, Willie Gault and Bernard Berrian are just a few. To get Cowherd’s point, however, look no further than Allen Robinson and how this situation dragged on. Robinson, now with the Rams, appears to be enjoying himself.

However, the bears’ priorities lie elsewhere. The focus has been largely on defense and the style of football is best described as YouTuber Jeff Schlegel refers to it as #BEARSFOOTBALL, which places great emphasis on running the ball and excellent defensive play. It’s not an entirely outdated system, but given the way the modern league works with passing the ball and big plays from quarterbacks, it’s certainly taken a backseat, as have the Bears.

The Bears have only two Super Bowls in their history and a title dating back to 1985, a year that’s still talked about with a style of football that doesn’t equate to modern times. Since team president Ted Phillips has been in charge of this franchise, the Bears have only made six playoff games. The biggest hit of that time came in 2006, a year that was all about defense and special teams, which carried the Bears to the Super Bowl only to have the championship dreams washed away in a rainstorm by Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeny and co. in Indianapolis colts

Colin Cowherd gave the Chicago Bears a heartbreaking reality check of how the modern NFL works, using Roquan Smith’s contract situation as a prime example

The modern system features a quarterback, offensive tackles, and pass rushers that earn top bucks. The Chicago Bears do their business differently, and that’s an important issue.

When it comes to pass rushers, the Bears got it right. The price they paid for players like Khalil Mack and Julius Peppers made sense given their reputation. In the end, however, there wasn’t much to show. Mack’s addition earned them a division title in 2018, and Peppers paid dividends in a surprise run to the 2010 NFC Championship, but again no championships.

The quarterback position was one of the roughest in Bears history. The results, with examples such as Cade McNown, Rex Grossman and Mitchell Trubisky, speak for themselves. Additionally, signings like Henry Burris and Kordell Stewart were largely ineffective. Seattle’s Rick Mirer’s trade for a first-round pick qualifies as the worst trade in franchise history.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that in the 42 years that the NFL has had a 16-game slate, the Bears are the only franchise not to have a 4,000-yard passer. The record is held by Erik Kramer, who threw for 3,838 yards in 1995, a year in which the Bears went 9-7 and missed the playoffs after a late-season collapse.

Offensive tackle? It’s good in moments, but as a whole? Not as much. Yes, Jimbo Covert in 1985 was a great choice, evidenced by his Hall of Fame bust, but as a whole again a bare cupboard. When it comes to wide receivers, that’s all you have to look back on quote by Mushin Muhammad. “Chicago is where recipients go to die,” Muhammad said in 2008. At first that might have been an exaggeration, but if you look at the gist of the quote, there are a few reasons why.

That’s not to say Colin Cowherd was 100 percent spot on with every word he spoke, but most of his points are valid. Bears’ priorities aren’t the right priorities. Whether it’s the stadium and field or the lack of success they’ve had in this decade and even the 21st century, it’s just not good.

That’s not even taking into account that Soldier Field is extremely run-down and has the lowest seating capacity in the league, despite the extensive renovation project that took place over two decades ago. The Bears considered moving to Arlington Heights and received immediate backlash from the city, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who even suggested a possible remodeling of the stadium. It looks good in pictures, but how can you forget that Turf appeared to be against the Chiefs in the preseason game? How does a remodel work? fix that?

Colin Cowherd is a sports analyst; mostly his takes deliver shock material. But this time he got it right. The Chicago Bears look dated and until they modernize and deal with the program, life will not change and more and more personalities, including fans, will hurl criticism in their direction. It’s not like the bears care, given their track record and priorities. Colin Cowherd offers a heartbreaking reality check to Chicago Bears’ Roquan Smith

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