Colin Cowherd is exposed for his hypocrisy towards Josh Rosen, the clip reveals numerous occasions when the analyst lied and casually changed his stance on the quarterback

Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen
Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen

Sports analysts are known for their opinions, it goes without saying. Sports broadcasting is an important profession today and has grown in popularity a lot lately, but there are plenty of people who have been doing it for decades at this point. No matter how long you’ve been doing it, you tend to make a lot of mistakes. It’s not a problem as long as you’re able to correct them and sometimes admit you were wrong, look at Max Kellerman for example, although he had some ridiculous attitudes he accepted he was wrong, when he published his cliff theory about Tom Brady went terribly south.

However, we also have another group of analysts speaking, and instead of accepting their flaws and flaws, they tend to be smart and change the whole narrative themselves and make it seem like they were there from the start or were against a certain topic . Viewers fear it when analysts tend to become chameleons, changing their opinions and narratives from time to time.

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Josh Rosen is overwrought, but he’s also underrated and worthy of being a franchise quarterback? Make up your mind Colin!

Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen
Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen

Colin Kuhhirt bragged about a bit recently, where he made all the predictions he’s gotten right throughout his career as an analyst. “I was straight into the Warriors in 6, Steph is the MVP, Johhny Manziel would be a bust, as would Jamarcus Russell, Jameis Winston was over the top and so was Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen, but no reason to talk about those hits is there ?He was referring to his predictions for the 2022 NBA Finals, where the Golden State Warriors won it all. Stephen Curry won the Finals MVP award as Colin predicted. He also claimed that Johhny Manziel, while a fine college quarterback, would not last long in the NFL and would be a bust. Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, Jamarcus Russell and Josh Rosen were predicted to be busts by Colin.

The jury is still out on Baker, but Jameis didn’t live up to the hype, so maybe he’s a bust, Jamarcus Russell was a bust, and so was Josh Rosen. But it gets a little interesting with the story of Josh Rosen. Although Colin takes credit for the fact that Rosen would not last long in the NFL, he also claimed so after the quarterback was drafted “They got him at an incredible price and they’re getting someone as gifted as Josh Rosen was when he was 10. This is a franchise changer. Arizona had a kid as good as Josh Rosen at 10.” Colin had nothing but praise for Rosen when he was drafted 10th in the first round by the Cardinals.

Continuing with his previous comments, he argued that roses were indeed the real deal, “It’s a home run, Arizona starts at 15 and ends with the top pocket thrower quarterback in the draft. The fact that they can take roses where they have them is amazing. Josh Rosen won the draft.” Nowhere did he hint that Rosen might end up a bust, he made a solid argument that Rosen would instead be the “franchise quarterback” for the Arizona Cardinals for years to come.

He went so far as to compare Aaron Rodgers to Josh Rosen “The quarterback in that draft that he really reminded me of is Aaron Rodgers, he even looks a bit like Aaron Rodgers. Who was eliminated in the first round? Aaron Rodgers. Here, who was the quarterback who was the most talented and who dropped the most? Josh Rosen. This thing looks so much like Aaron Rodgers.” Colin compared Rosen to a certified Hall of Famer, but casually refused to accept the fact that he was wrong about Rosen and that he was just another player with potential who didn’t make it .

As a sports analyst, you have to be responsible for your job and stand up for your opinion. Of course it’s okay to have a ridiculous opinion here and there, but you can’t do this on numerous occasions, Colin has done so on a number of occasions. We can’t all be right all the time, sometimes we make mistakes and as long as you accept it and move on, not only does it strengthen your goodwill, but viewers would be willing to trust you.

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