Coles supermarket shoppers were divided over the ‘disgusting’ discovery in a 1.8kg pack of loose minced meat

The discovery of a Coles customer after cooking a large pack of ground beef has prompted divided reactions from social media users.

The shopper posted a photo to a popular Facebook group showing the amount of liquid left after frying a large tray of ground beef.

The picture showed 400ml of juice and fat in a jug which she claimed was made after cooking 1.8kg of ground beef bought from Coles.

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In her post, the customer said she was alarmed by the find.

“Not a markdown per se, but thought I’d save a buck by buying a family 4lbs of Coles minced beef,” she wrote on Markdown Addicts Australia’s Facebook page.

“That’s what I just poured out!

The Coles shopper shared this image to show how much liquid was produced after cooking 4 pounds of ground beef. Recognition: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

“This was CW Farms premium ground beef. Will never buy this again.”

But while the shopper was appalled by the liquid, some didn’t share her outrage.

Many responded to the post to argue that the liquid was “flavor” and shouldn’t be removed from the pan.

“I hate trying your dry old ground beef now,” said one.

Another wrote: “You all need to learn how to cook properly. That’s 400ml of flavor!”

‘First World Troubles’

A third added: “Well if you cooked ground beef without the fat it would be like eating a leather shoe. It would be dry like.”

Another said: “First world problems! Seriously, that’s where the moisture and flavor come from. Do not you like it? Pay extra for the 99 percent fat-free crap.

“I’m telling you now, your family won’t appreciate the dry, tasteless meal you make from it.”

Others weren’t surprised to see so much liquid and fat from such a large amount of cooked ground beef.

“Minced meat should have fat content. The packaging also says what the fat content is,” replied one Facebook user.

File image of Cole’s ground beef. Recognition: Facebook

Another added: “It may look gross but regular ground beef is actually around 20% fat. It is normal.”

A third wrote: “It’s literally normal, meat is meat, it’s naturally water and fat.”

Another said, “So that looks like about 140ml of fat (it’s sitting on top of the meat juices). And you’re complaining?”

Another replied: “That’s pretty normal for the amount you’ve been getting. I honestly can’t see anything wrong with this, but if you can’t handle the fat content, just spend the extra $1.50/kg and buy lean ground beef.

Others, however, sided with the customer, agreeing it was a “disgusting” amount of liquid.

“This is crazy,” said one.

Another replied: “That’s literally high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues and heart disease in one measuring cup!”

A third wrote: “Every ground beef I buy I cook, drain and wash under hot water, then put back in the pan and add all my flavorings and seasonings.”

Another said: “That’s disgusting, half a kilo of fat – no value there.”

Another added: “OMG. Forever happy with my decision not to eat meat.” Coles supermarket shoppers were divided over the ‘disgusting’ discovery in a 1.8kg pack of loose minced meat

James Brien

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