Cole’s shopper’s new hack that makes him double Flybuy points and deals daily goes viral on TikTok

An Aussie mum has revealed how she earns double Flybuys points and offers every time she shops at Coles – and she says you can too.

In a TikTok video, the user — who uses the handle @vegiesis — explains how using two Flybuys cards saves her “hundreds of dollars every year.”

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“I have two cards – one in my name and one in my partner’s name – and that’s why,” the 23-year-old said in the video, which has attracted nearly 300,000 views.

“If you don’t already have the Flybuys app, you’ll need to download it and look for deals that give you bonus points.

An Australian mom has two Flybuys cards to earn double points at each store. Credit: Tick ​​tock

“I like to shop online…so I can see exactly how much I’m spending.

“Then I log into my Flybuys accounts and see which one has an offer right now and I activate the offer to make sure I get points every week.”

Mom then went through how many points she earned in five stores using this method—more than 10,000 points.

“The benefit of having two cards is sometimes you’ll log in and look at your account and there won’t be an offer available, but when you log into your second account at least one of them usually has an offer.” She said.

The woman says to look out for such offers on both Flybuys accounts. Credit: Tick ​​tock

“(Coles) might offer you a deal the first time you get your card for (more than) $30, and the next time you use it they want you to spend $50 to get it.” to get the bonus points because they try to make you spend more and more money.

“But if you have two cards… swap cards. Use the other card.

“And then, with your first card, they’re going to think you’ve disappeared and gone shopping at Woolworths or something, and they’re going to be like, ‘Oh my God, we have to get her back.’

“And they will offer you deals with higher points for lower amounts of money.”

The woman then loads her points onto her card and spends the extra money she earns from her points hack on gifts, clothes, or whatever else she needs.

The Australian mom saves her points for things she needs, like gifts or clothes. Credit: Tick ​​tock

“This is the best,” she said.

“This is so helpful.”

People were grateful for mom’s Flybuys points hack.

“This is so helpful, blessed,” said one.

“Girl why didn’t I ever think of that,” said another.

Many people said they are already doing this and confirmed that it is making a huge difference in their lives.

Two Flybuys cards can save Aussies hundreds of dollars every year. Credit: coals

“Between Velocity and Flybuys, I usually end up with about $1,000 at the end of each year — that’s our Christmas shopping,” one person said.

“I have an ex who’s still using an old card of mine and thinks it’s hers, so I get her points… and she’ll never find out because she doesn’t check,” one person shared.

“This gives me almost 40,000 Flybuys points!” wrote a third.

“return value”

A spokesperson for Coles told that there are many ways to ‘hack’ the number of Flybuys points and promotions you receive.

“At Coles, we’re all about giving value back to loyal customers and encouraging customers to make the most of our loyalty program and stack offers,” they said.

“There are many ways to hack the number of points collected! The biggest tip is to make sure you register your account and activate all Flybuys offers before heading to Coles.

“A little-known fact is that offers can also be stacked on top of each other. For example, you could get double points for your shop overall while also getting another offer like triple bonus points on fresh groceries and meat.

“You can also add up to 9 family members to your account, this really helps in earning points quickly by summarizing the points earned.”

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