Claypool Chasing Controversy: Vikings Perform Stealth vs. Steelman That Should’ve Been Penalized

The Pittsburgh Steelers almost ended an inevitable comeback with Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, but one reason they couldn’t win was because they ran out of time.

The Steelers reached Minnesota’s 12-yard line with three seconds remaining, meaning they had only one chance to score and, after failing to punch in, the Vikings eventually came down with a 36-28 victory.

After the Steelers’ loss, Chase Claypool was heavily criticized for a late game situation that cost the Steelers at least 10 seconds. However, it seems that the lost time is not Claypool’s fault and it is actually due to a stealth game by Vikings pavers. Eric Kendricks should have been punished.

The Claypool TV series started with play 4 and 1 with only 42 seconds left. To get any wins, the Steelers needed to switch and they did when Ben Roethlisberger hit Claypool for 9 yards, bringing Pittsburgh down to Minnesota’s 34-yard line.

The Steelers had run out of time, so they needed to get to the line as quickly as possible in order to hit the ball across the clock. Claypool was criticized for celebrating the first shot and after that celebration, it took 14 seconds from the moment he was tackled until the Steelers were able to take the next shot. A tweet calling Claypool “ignorant” had more than 6,500 retweets after the game.

However, as Claypool correctly pointed out after the game, it was not his fault that Steelman lost 14 seconds.

In his post-match interview, Claypool noted that the ball was thrown out of his hand and although it was unclear what he was talking about at the time, it is now quite clear: Kendricks very casually oversled the ball. ball from Claypool and then throw it behind his back, which you can see in the video below.

Here is a breakdown of what is happening on the watch in this situation.

First, Claypool got up and tried to get the ball to the referee in the 33rd minute.

Eric Kendricks seems to have hit the ball.

Fox / NFL Gamepass

As you can see, the ref is basically standing on the pound sign, so once he got the ball, he would simply turn around, put the ball down, and the Steelers would probably have captured it at about 29- or 28 seconds, which could have saved them a crucial four or five seconds.

Due to being hit by Kendricks the umpire didn’t get the ball until the 30 second mark AND he still had to run to the hash line to put it down.

The polished ball cost the Steelers about five seconds of the game.

Fox / NFL Gamepass

Forget the five seconds that Kendricks cost the Steelers, though, because they really should save even more time and that’s because Kendricks should probably be flagged for the game’s defensive delay when play. If that happened, the clock would stop right after he hit the ball, at the 33-second mark.

If Kendricks were penalized, the Steelers had their first goal and 10 from Minnesota’s 29th minute with 33 seconds remaining. They had to hit the ball instead, leaving them second and 10th from Minnesota’s 34 with 24 seconds remaining.

Claypool also insisted that his celebration did not harm the team as the referee was not there to take the ball from him after the game was over.

Claypool said: “I was processed close to the hash,” via “My little first kill. Served the referrer. He just got there, so even when I got up and looked for him, he wasn’t there.”

On the other hand, Claypool’s point of view makes sense. There’s no referee to give the ball, so it’s not like he’s wasting the team’s time. However, if Claypool had run straight to the showcase instead of celebrating, he might have saved a second or two, but he certainly didn’t waste the team’s eight to 10 seconds as some people online think.

With that said, Claypool has admitted that he could have done things differently.

Claypool said: “I definitely have to get better.

Receptionist Steelers made a lot of mistakes in this game, including an early penalty for unsporting behavior that sent him to the bench, but one thing that shouldn’t be blamed on him is the drama The final picture cost the Steelers more than 10 seconds. Claypool Chasing Controversy: Vikings Perform Stealth vs. Steelman That Should’ve Been Penalized

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