Claudia Drury attests that Larry Ray worked as a ‘prostitute’ for her

Larry Ray and Claudia Drury

Larry Ray and Claudia Drury

When she first met the man dubbed the sex cult leader Sarah Lawrence, Claudia Drury was a 19-year-old college sophomore who expressed concern about how much time her friend’s father was spending in her dormitory that seven students shared.

In 2010, Larry Ray—Speaking of the fifth day of the trial 17-point indictment—Meeting the residents of the university dormitory for the first time Slonim Forest 9. Drury recounts that his daughter Talia Ray tells her and other roommates that the forces of darkness have wrongfully imprisoned her father, who has just been released from prison. She said she started “panic” when Ray started sleeping in her daughter’s room and that of the then-student. Isabella Pollokwho later became Ray’s accused accomplice.

Then, Drury said, she also fell on his website.

“I became a prostitute,” Claudia Drury, now 31, told the jury on Friday. “It was Larry’s suggestion at first.”

“He slapped me so hard, I fell”

Taking a stand for the first time, Drury is the main government witness behind the sex trafficking allegations against Ray. She estimates that she made $2.5 million over the course of four years scamming Ray, a job she says got her called seven days a week. At the start, she said, there will be four or five customers per day, and the rate will drop to three by the end. Before Drury took a stand Friday, law enforcement witnesses verified her text messages to Pollok about hotel locations and payments in the tens of thousands of dollars. Another law enforcement witness showed the jury replaying advertisements for Drury’s services that ran during Next pagethe site has now shut down “adult services” ads prior to being shut down by the US government.

Isabella Pollok

The accused “Lieutenant” Isabella Pollok of Larry Ray has been charged separately and will be on trial later this year. (Photo via DOJ)

During Friday’s testimony, Drury told the jury a gruesome story of violence, sexual exploitation, and extreme physical and mental abuse.

“He slapped me so hard in the face that I fell over, pulled my hair, strangled me, suffocated me and beat me,” Drury testified.

Drury says she turned to prostitution after Ray convinced her that she had poisoned him and members of his family. In a video played in court, Drury confessed to alleged crimes, with Ray turning off the camera, prompting her to agree that she did so on “her own free will”. She said she even believed it to be true, as both Larry and Talia Ray would say they were sick.

Drury said: “He threatened to put me in jail several times. “He threatened to kill me on one memorable occasion. He threatened to cut my face off. He threatened to kidnap me and release me in the Middle East. He threatened to blackmail people I knew. He threatened to hit my father.”

One of Drury’s emails included as evidence said she suspected that Ray, his daughter, and Pollok had an inappropriate sexual relationship, which she retracted in a later text. In the witness stand, Drury never made it clear which messages were true or the basis of her suspicions.

Much of Drury’s testimony revolved around the blurring of sexual boundaries. She said she thought Ray’s habit of sleeping in Pollok’s room was “weird” – and she told her philosophy professor just as much. But she says her concerns became waning as she became close to Ray, finding him some solace for separation anxiety and “no support”. Then Ray started to turn the conversation to sex.

“He told me he went to swing clubs and it was fun,” she said.

“Do not worry about that”

According to Drury, Ray will convey a philosophy: “Basically, the more sexually open you are, the more honest you are with yourself.”

After that, Drury said, Ray will increasingly put it into practice with students. She said that Ray started touching her, “very lightly, all over my body,” at the dining table. She told a story about how she and her dorm mates Daniel Barban Levin was already in the living room when Ray came out of the bedroom and started to get into his pants. Drury says that Ray told her he could make her orgasm without touching her, and he suggested that she and Levin have sex together.

“When he left, we did,” Drury said.

Dan Levin

Dan Levin

Another time, she said, Ray had a higher hand.

“Once, he leaned over the table and put his finger on top of me,” she testified, adding that he would also talk to her about masturbation.

At the time, Drury said, she felt uncomfortable with her body. She said that Ray paid her $400 to have her bikini waxed. Even after Drury and Levin went overseas to London, Ray would still keep them, she said. During a Skype video chat, she said, Ray asked Drury to take off her shirt and let Levin touch her. Levin would then write a Memoir his time in what he describes as Ray’s “cult”. She said they followed his instructions, and when he encouraged a sexual relationship with a married man named Sam, she did the same.

“Sam’s marriage was his own business,” she recalled Ray telling her. “Sam is a defender of his own marriage. Don’t worry about it. It’s okay.”

In an audio recording that was played to the jury, Ray encouraged Drury to tell her parents that she had malicious thoughts that wanted to be thrown out the window and that she needed to be hospitalized. Drury can be heard in the recording telling her parents that as Ray plays her lines. Her testimony will continue on Monday.

(Photo via DOJ exhibition)

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