Cinema Room: Devin Bush’s Struggle Continues Sunday Night

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night 41-37, just after an unlikely comeback in the fourth quarter. It’s crazy to imagine Pittsburgh potentially scoring 37 points, the most of the season, given the problems this offense has had over the past calendar year. However, an offensive burst was needed as the defense had their worst start in the regular season since 2013, allowing fouls totaling more than 500 yards and scoring 41 points across the board with some Impact players out of the lineup on the defensive side of football for Pittsburgh.

LB Devin Bush has notably struggled late this season since returning from ACL surgery last season, looking out of place on the pitch and seemingly lacking the positive demeanor we know him. for leaving Michigan back in 2019 and he performed as a rookie and briefly active in 2020 before getting injured. However, Bush’s struggles culminated in Sunday night in prime time, playing a big part in the Chargers’ pounding onslaught.

Professional football spotlight highlighted Bush’s performance shortly after the game was over, saying he had a game to forget. He was given negative scores on more than 40% of his play time against the track and gave up six receptions on six goals for 67 yards (53 yards after catch) and one touchdown.

Bush’s struggles against the run were emphasized on both Austin Ekeler’s 30th TD runs in this competition, continuing to be slow to diagnose a turn and fending off blocks to make a turn. Watch this first Ekeler score as Bush correctly tackles 87 Jared Cook’s block but is unstoppable to land a play that sends Ekeler over to his right shoulder, allowing him to run. without being touched in the final area.

On Ekeler’s second TD of the night, Bush turned his eyes to the backyard and began to look left as Ekeler made a forehand but turned back to the right side of the screen. Bush was picked immediately in the mix by #70 Rashawn Slater climbing to the second level, engulfing Bush, who stood watching Ekeler dash into the end area to score.

PFF gave Devin Bush a score of 28.8 for his Sunday night game, the lowest on the team and the lowest of his NFL career. More specifically, Bush came off the field as the lowest-scoring defender of the game and his coverage was second only to rookie Tre Norwood. Bush failed to resist blocks against the run once blocked by the barricades at the point of attack, allowing runners to enter the second level and run unaffected into the second.

Pittsburgh, for example, let Los Angeles spare their year in this play, but once Ekeler handled it, a wide running lane formed in the area below by Slater to wash away 99 Henry Mondeaux. Bush confronts Donald Parham number 89 and has an internal lever to remove the block and play a chase to get Ekeler through the hole, but he allows Parham to hold his chest and send him clear into the second round as Ekeler runs. down the field first.

Here’s another example of Bush being covered by Slater as Slater climbs to the second level of this Justin Jackson take. Notice how Bush took charge of the left A space in play, forcing Jackson to move to his left as the rest of the defense rallied with the ball to keep him in a short advantage. So all is not a bad game by Bush against this representative.

In fact, there were moments on Sunday night where we saw Bush taking defensive measures the way he did before this season and with a knee injury. Watch this counter run to the right, where Bush did a great job of working the LOS horizontal into the void and managing to wrap around Jackson, who managed to step back inside to evade Bush as he knock him out after making a modest profit.

In the pass’s coverage, there are also positive moments even in the few finishing touches, where we see the old Devin Bush, open, and run down the ball through space at a side-to-side pace that makes Pittsburgh decided to trade the Top 10 for Bush in the 2019 NFL Draft. During the reception of Austin Ekeler out of the backyard, Bush immediately reacted by running back to the flat, closing in on Ekeler and pulling him down. along the border for a short gain.

In this Parham reception against the look that covers the area, Bush drops down and reads Justin Herbert No. 10’s eyes as he works through the readings and breaks the ball once thrown to Parham is sit in the soft spot of the area, quickly wrap him around and bring him down to the minimum YAC limit.

There were, however, a number of key moments in the news coverage where Bush failed to achieve success. This is the final drive of the game in Los Angeles, where we see Bush picking up Ekeler running out of the backyard. Bush froze his foot and didn’t make contact with Ekeler, who broke through to the left, getting plenty of clearance from Bush, who ran a step behind as Ekeler caught the pass and returned to the court in one stroke. catch the long ball.

We see Ekeler exploiting the Bush game again on one of his two TD receptions earlier in the game in a similar fashion, first staying in the backyard as if he were going to pass guard, but then got out and beat Bush, who allowed too much of an inside of Ekeler’s line, making it easy for Herbert to pitch and catch the ball to Ekeler into the end of the field for TD.

Bush’s strength isn’t that of an insurance defender coming from Michigan, but he did show improvement in that area of ​​his game sometime before his knee injury. Now, Bush seems to be a shell of his former self there, both in coverage and as a protector against the fugitive. There are moments where he shows a flash of player, he was injured before the injury, but his negatives far outweigh his positives at this point, showing the lack of handling and execution on the pitch coupled with questionable effort. It’s sad to see a player at Bush’s talent level drop as much as he has but played 79% of the time defensively on Sunday night, maybe it’s time to reduce his role more. again.

I doubt that Pittsburgh will sit Bush completely in a all-win, but given his inconsistent and inefficient play, it looks like it’s time to allow Robert Spillane and possibly rookie Buddy Johnson to have the opportunity to go on the field to “change things”. for what they have in-house ahead of the season and potentially settle for a slot through free agent or NFL Draft. Bush is clearly not in such a large space as he is now, and removing the pressure makes it possible for him to pay dividends on his long-term prospects Regardless, things look bleak about Bush’s prospects as received his fifth year pick this season. If he can’t find out soon, his days in Pittsburgh will likely be numbered.

What do you think of Devin Bush’s performance Sunday night against the Chargers? Do you think his problems stem from more mental factors, his recovery from ACL surgery, lack of effort or a combination of these areas? Do you think Bush could solve these problems with more time? What should Pittsburgh do this season and enter the season regarding their inner valet room? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and thanks again for reading! Cinema Room: Devin Bush’s Struggle Continues Sunday Night

James Brien

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