Chris Hemsworth needs to embrace his inner B-movie action star

Since Chris Hemsworth emerged as George Kirk in the first few minutes of 2009 star trek and delivered an emotional, dramatic performance that made viewers cry, it was clear he would become a giant movie star. Hemsworth is one of those charismatic talents that would definitely have been successful, and it was only a matter of time before Marvel Studios took notice of his abilities and transformed him Thor. Over a decade since his debut as the God of Thunder, Hemsworth is still roaming the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even after his co-stars Chris Evans, Scarlett JohanssonAnd Robert Downey Jr. have moved on. It’s a bit odd to see someone of as many talents as Hemsworth sticking to the familiar, because it’s definitely time for him to consider embracing his true calling and unleashing his inner B-movie action star.


To put it mildly, Phase Four of the MCU was a major disappointment to longtime fans, and it feels like Hemsworth has already done everything he was capable of with the character of Thor. He showed Thor in the 2011 film how he faced his responsibilities and survived all the disasters Thor: The Dark World should be, and then returned for a surprisingly roaring rendition of the character Thor: Ragnarok, suggesting that Hemsworth was secretly just as funny as he was jacked. He even became “Fat Thor” in a performance that inspired dozens of internet memes. However, Thor: Love and Thunder just felt like more of the same, and it seemed like Hemsworth had run out of interesting things to do with the character.

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In fact, Hemsworth was pretty much the only thing worth seeing love and thunder, a trait he shares with many of the B-movie action legends. Secure, bruce willis, Arnold Schwarzenegar, Sylvester StalloneAnd Keanu Reeves made her fair share of generic action films, but her charisma often made these films worth watching nonetheless. Hemsworth has a larger than life personality that speaks for itself. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him wallow in the glorious ridiculousness of action movies that don’t carry the weight of the entire MCU on their shoulders?

Hemsworth has always been an action star

Chris Hemsworth in A Perfect Getaway
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They think star trek The single-handedly started Hemsworth career is a mistake, because in the same year he also starred in the underrated crime thriller A perfect getaway. It’s a sleek, mean little thriller, twisting and turning in 97 minutes, and Hemsworth’s tongue-in-cheek admission of how ridiculous the entire premise is is one of the film’s highlights. Hemsworth’s gruff but vulnerable work is simply more memorable than anything else Stephen Zahn or Timothy Olyphant do in the film, and that’s no offense to either of them.

It quickly became apparent that thanks to his hilariously satirical role as a brainless hunk, Hemsworth was a star who could wear more than just a cloak The hut in the forest and his award-winning performance as James Hunt in hurry. However, the action-oriented roles outside of the MCU didn’t give Hemsworth the kind of entertaining, gnarly thrills that his physicality clearly meant he was capable of. It was abundantly clear that he liked to be out of his element in over-the-top blockbusters Snow White and the Hunter and the reissue of Red Dawn where there was no charming B-movie feel.

Hemsworth is successful when he takes risks

Chris Hemsworth in Black Hat
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Leave it to the big guys Michael man to realize Hemsworth’s potential. black hat almost feels like a parody of 1990s tech thrillers with its implausible premise about the collapse of the world’s financial institutions, but Hemsworth ties it all together. black hat may not function as an insightful study of cybersecurity, but it’s certainly one hell of an entertaining action film. Do you really think Hemsworth is the world’s greatest hacker? Of course not! However, he certainly looks great running around frantically, beating baddies to a pulp and delivering self-serious lines on a cellphone.

It was in many of these B movies that Hemsworth was allowed to be experimental. consider Bad times at El Royale where he shows up to play a twisted version of Charles Manson, or spider head where he gives a performance as a tech whiz that’s somehow even weirder than Oscar Isaac‘s iconic appearance in Ex Machina. These are films where Hemsworth appears in an ensemble cast and takes over a film; He’s clearly craving some fun B-movies where he can make these kind of weird acting choices for the entire run.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction.
Image via Netflix

Hemsworth’s most high-profile role since the MCU came along in 2020 extractiona Netflix Original action film directed by a skilled stuntman Sam Hargrave. extraction is clearly a throwback to the pulpy rambo Late 1980s rip-off with its disastrous, potentially xenophobic portrayal of American intervention in an overseas conflict. However, it’s also a movie in which Hemsworth plays a character named Tyler Rake, who actually kills a villain with a literal rake. The story is so thin that all Hemsworth has to do is beat various hordes of terrorists and criminals to a pulp. If that’s all viewers were looking for, they got their subscription’s value.

extraction was apparently marketed based on a 12-minute tracking shot action sequence that Netflix promoted across all of its social media platforms. Few actors would be able to handle the intense physical endurance required for this type of engagement, but Hemsworth is certainly one of them. Almost every ridiculous element of extraction requires an almost superhuman level of physicality that Hemsworth was uniquely equipped for, because who else would dive from a tremendous height into a lake just to relax and feel close to death? Even if you just skim extraction on Netflix to catch highlights of the various action scenes, you probably won’t be disappointed.

extraction wasn’t perfect, and hopefully Hemsworth gets some more action movies that don’t follow the same “white savior” archetypes that he’s clearly better than. The fact that extraction 2 It’s a good sign that he’s abandoning his predecessor’s attempts at political commentary, and it’s even more exciting to hear that he’s collaborating with the legendary action maestro George Mueller At furiosa. This is hopefully the direction of his career; Let’s have Tyler Rake burn all the pitches gate 5

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