Choose My Adventure: Try a quick dose of player creativity in City of Heroes Rebirth


Although The rebirth of the city of heroes being a smaller rogue server compared to others out there, I was happy to note that some people decided to put some missions together in the Architect Entertainment feature. I was also glad that last week’s polls saw fit to take a look at what’s hiding in the mission list.

As might be expected, the offering in AE was on the small side – like I said, smaller servers – but it was just as diverse as anything I’d experienced from the inside homecoming. That said, there were mostly farms, but there were some really good missions as well.

What I always try to keep in mind when doing AE missions is that I’m not really expecting amazing writing. While the comics medium is certainly full of excellent, thoughtful, and impactful stories, I have in addition Realize that very often the medium can lend itself to stupidity, and in many cases it shines because it allows itself to be done. This mindset seems to have been followed by those who made missions into (or imported older missions into). rebirthsince the actual story-based creations ran a generally wide swath.


One of the first missions I took on was for my character to hire a social media “pro” to help improve my online presence. This one was a lot of fun, although the comedy went after some low-hanging fruit (on entering a hacker’s lair, I was greeted by a message that the air was scented with the scent of Mountain Dew and Red Bull), but the catch was a clumsy, but following well-meaning, superheroic social media managers was a pretty fun hook. In addition, the mission had a serious challenge, although this was mainly due to the enemies dealing energy damage, which I am not equipped to deal with.

Another mission basically read like a bit of personal comic story fanfic when a character went missing and I had to find them. Overall, another solid romp and quite a well-crafted writing as an attempt was made to adopt a slightly more serious tone. I didn’t like the fact that it involved the council; These maps are some of the worst in terms of layout CoH can raise.

Of course, I couldn’t try everything, but the choice was pretty wide for the most part. I was kind of hoping to delve into a long line of missions, all of which were strung together into a continuous story or involved a normal cast of characters, but I was having trouble finding the “earlier” missions in the series. It wasn’t made any easier by the fact that the rating system fed all the farms on the list.

But how became These farms at all? Pretty good as farms go. One was packed with easy-to-wipe boss monsters, and the triple XP taking place for the server anniversary made farming all the more palatable. I didn’t really stay here long though, as I was kinda…well, bored.

Here’s the thing rebirth: It’s an excellent server with some very good ideas, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I was a stranger on someone else’s private server. As if I were invading a very personal space. I know it’s mostly due to my own mental failings, but I still couldn’t shake that feeling.


Also, the size of the population gave me the same odd feeling I had upon entering Paragon Chat, as I roamed familiar places but otherwise felt lonely. I must point out that this is less of a sign against rebirth and the people who play and love it, and more of a failure of my own schedule. Working two jobs keeps my time on this series somewhat of a bounty, and on weird days and hours too.

Finally, I can’t shake the thought that I’ve really said goodbye city ​​of heroes. I didn’t have a bad time here either rebirth, but I also had a hard time reconnecting with the joy that this particular MMO brought me. This is probably another mental failing on my part, but I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to wipe the mental slate clean, get back into this game, and just enjoy myself like I’m brand new again. Which, by the way, leads me to believe that if I ever got into one again, I’d feel the same way Wild Star rogue server. And this view somehow that worries meTo be honest, when do you accept that a dead game is really dead, even if it’s been revived?

Nevertheless, the visit was nice rebirthand although I probably won’t be back (and I’m not really sure I’ll be there homecoming a lot too), I’m glad I had the chance to see what this other server is up to. Having that experience with different perspectives about what CoH “should” be is quite interesting. I wish those who run the server and those who play more regularly a great time. The community may have felt noticeably isolated (again, emphasis on perceptible; I’m sure it’s totally welcoming and eager) but it’s clear that this server is loved. After all, he wouldn’t have existed for three years otherwise.


Now it’s time to get going Final Fantasy XI. Real money this time. In the election I started in Windurst, but now it’s time to decide which starting class I should take. Too bad it’s not a rune fencer as I’ve never experienced that. Anyhow, here are the decisions for this week.

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As always, elections will end next Friday, May 27 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. I think I need a moment now to process my feelings city ​​of heroes, rogue servers and whether you really really can go home again. Huzzah for introspection!

blankWelcome to Choose My Adventure, the weekly column where you join Chris as he journeys through mystical lands on fantastical adventures – and you get to decide his fate. Which is good because he can often be quite an indecisive person unless he’s ordering a burger.

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