Chinese Ambassador: US relationship with Taiwan could lead to war

As the Sauron-like eye of the American Global Empire remains fixed on Ukraine, where it intends to fight in spite of its citizens don’t want to do thatThe Red Chinese, the real enemy of the United States, are continuing to probe Taiwan’s defense capabilities.

In fact, the CCP, taking advantage of the world’s current lack of focus on what it is doing, recently launched Taiwan’s largest space probe since Octobersent nearly 40 fighter jets to test Taiwan’s air defenses as Chinese ships surrounded it.

The problem is, while the US has no treaty commitment to defend Ukraine, it does have a treaty to assist Taiwan in defending itself. Although that treaty is somewhat ambiguous, most of our political leaders assert that it means the United States will get involved if the CCP attacks the Republic of China.

Although we may not think too much about that commitment, the Chinese have weighed in and declared that it could lead to war. Specifically, in an interview with NPRChina’s ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, put it this way:

If the Taiwanese government, encouraged by the United States, continues down the path of independence, it is very likely that China and the United States, the two great powers, may enter a military conflict.

In addition to attacking Taiwan for “walking the path towards independence”, claiming that Taiwan’s desire not to be part of Red China could be the cause of said war, he also described Taiwan Loan is “The largest tinder box between China and the United States.”

In that, maybe he’s right. The US, in addition to providing Taiwan with high-tech F-16 fighter jets, tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, was stationed A small number of Marines and special operations troops are in Taiwan, helping the island nation train forces to defend its rocky island from the CCP’s inevitable invaders.

Just because he is right, however, does not mean that the United States should stop arming or training those forces. The CCP thrives on weakness, which it can exploit quite well. If the US now steps back and gives it the opportunity to strike, there is no reason to think that it will not suffer the consequences and do so.

Instead, the more they scream loudly about one issue or another, the more likely that our tactics are succeeding in swaying or discouraging their ambitions. If they are angry about the weapons we provide to Taiwan, it means that they fear those weapons will defeat their forces. If they complain about our relationship with Taiwan, it means they think those ties will be the deciding factor in a war. When they complain, we should insist, not withdraw.

The Chinese clearly want to reunite with Taiwan and see the US as their main obstacle to doing so. The loss of Taiwan means the loss of a major microchip country and the hope of a free China. Unlike Ukraine, the war against the Chinese communists is a war well worth participating. Chinese Ambassador: US relationship with Taiwan could lead to war

James Brien

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