Cheesing Elden Ring Enemies Feel As Good As Dark Souls

An imaginary warrior hides behind a pillar from a roaming monster.

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When facing an overwhelming opponent, sometimes the only option is to fight dirty. In my case, Elden Ring FromSoftware dev is a giant Goliath and I’m just little David loading up his sling. So I don’t feel embarrassed adopting hit and run tactics against fearsome enemies after finding myself lacking in healing options while exploring a fearsome fortress.

Stormveil Castle is the first “legacy dungeon” you will find in Elden Ring. These areas play an important role in the overall goal of the game (i.e. defeating all of the story bosses) while also providing the player with a bit of old school, soul-like adventure. Every part of the first game feels designed to take you to this majestic stronghold and, once you get there, it acts as a great introduction to the verticality of the environment possible. by the jump button. Just don’t look down while navigating the ledges and railings located on Stormveil’s various towers.

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Where Elden RingIts open-world format gives you plenty of time to draw enemies and escape battle with the horned horse Torrent, legacy dungeons that resemble the classic FromSoftware level design in which wealth management Careful resource and monitoring of checkpoints through shortcuts is important. Sometimes the smart move is to give up some progress in hopes of preserving your runes, a new commodity to level up, and buy items that function like souls in Dark soulsand retry areas with more knowledge of their dangers at your disposal.

But I never considered myself a smart man.

I was, at least how it felt at the time, hours into my journey through Stormveil. The important crimson (read: Estus Tear pot) potion serves as your primary method of restoring health during Elden Ring empty and I’m not ready to use the magical energy needed to cast my Oracle’s healing spell. My health is already decent, but I still need to find a shortcut before engaging in any more battles. That’s when I encountered a fearsome, multi-armed monster I knew all too well as was a pain in the closed network experiment. But after tiring of all my other paths, I realized my only way forward was through the cathedral-like space the creature called home.

I started slow. Lurking behind my enemies, I use my last bit of magic to cast Flame Sling, a ranged fireball spell I learned after defeating Stormveil’s first boss. This, my strongest attack, erased less than 1/10 of the monster’s health, sending me back to the safety of an adjoining room. I have considered my options. Should I go back to my last checkpoint and see if I can come back here with more resources? No, I think, that would take too long. Should I confront this guy directly with my short spear? No, I’m not good enough in this game for that.

Then it hit me: If the monster eventually forgets me and goes back to its intended path, I can tiptoe with its back turned, take a few hits, run back into the zone. my safe and repeat.

First, I make sure to use up the remaining magic in my stockpile for multiple Flame Sling casts before switching to my less powerful weapon. Then it’s about stabbing the monster once and dash like Skeletor. I eventually found a system where locating myself in a specific spot in the safe room lures my enemies towards the corner of the arena, allowing me to sneak in and hide behind a pillar. to reset its move. From there it was simply a matter of making sure I wasn’t too greedy and taking the second hit. Patience was my strongest weapon and almost 15 minutes later I was rewarded with the grisly creature’s death and was free to continue exploring Stormveil Castle.

In many ways, Elden Ring is an evolution of the FromSoftware style. It combines game elements from every previous game in soul batch, not evensoul predecessors like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. And while difficulty discussions often focus on the “achievement” of ultimately beating a soul Boss, cheesy obstacles like the ones I described above are also deeply woven into the fabric of the genre. Take the demon Taurus from Dark souls, For example. It might be the first real skill test of that game, but the bridge you battle it against is also designed in such a way that you can trick the boss into jumping to death without fighting. .

In fact, players discovered that few Dark souls bosses can be defeated with careful positioning or mining. It is a long tradition at this time.

This may not be the way FromSoftware intended for me to solve this problem Elden Ring monsters, but I don’t apologize for doing what I needed to do to survive in this little piece of horrible and punishing game. If the developers want to be jerked and teleport me to some remote, high-class area, I think finding the cheapest, easiest way to get around every other hurdle is the best response. And honestly, I’m just waiting for players better than me, I don’t know, to figure out how to kill the final boss without throwing a punch or something wild like that. Cheesing Elden Ring Enemies Feel As Good As Dark Souls

Curtis Crabtree

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