Checking Out RuneScape’s War’s Reckoning Event

Come and meet with War himself! From February 7 to 28, players can partake in the War’s Reckoning event for RuneScape.

It’s time to become a Slayer superstar! Starting February 28, three new Slayer monsters will be introduced to RuneScape, which serve as an expansion for the abyssal creatures and add higher-level alternatives to the existing demons. These are more or less anabolic creatures that can stomp a player if they’re not doing endgame content yet. To access each creature, you’ll need to have a level of 95, 108, and 115 in Slayer respectively. The requirements are considerable, especially for veterans that are tired of farming the usual mobs for RuneScape gold. For those that want to get that extra XP points for their character, the War’s Reckoning event that Jagex introduced should help players get to their goal quickly.

Prepping for War’s Reckoning

If you don’t meet the level requirements for Slayer in the War’s Reckoning event, fear not, for there is a solution. Double XP LIVE is now active in RuneScape! To be fair, it already started back on February 18, but since it runs until February 28, you still have time to catch up on the few days that you’ve missed. The Double XP LIVE is a great opportunity for you to get ready for the new Slayer challenge (War’s Reckoning) that’s set to arrive at the end of the month – you can also just work on your favorite skills and farm RS3 gold if that’s your jam. The Double XP time can be spent across all 28 skills (that includes Slayer, of course), and you can pause the buff whenever you need to take a break. All players have a total of 48 hours’ worth of Double XP time which they can use until February 28, so get your grind going if you haven’t already!

What You Need to Know About War’s Reckoning

Prepare for battle! Running from February 7 to 28, War’s Reckoning introduces a large variety of buffs to both Slayer and combat in general. The highest among these buffs is the 50% increase to the skillset gained by Slayers until the end of the event. Unfortunately, this buff won’t be applied to ironmen and hardcore ironmen players. However, they can still use double-slayer and triple-reaper points. Any work on a Slayer or a Reaper that’s completed over the next three weeks rewards double points – this applies to both the points gained from reaching streak bonuses and points gained from completing a task. For example, if you complete your 10th task in a row with the highest level of Slayer in RuneScape, you’d net 110 points. But during War’s Reckoning, the number will be bumped up to 220 points.

Furthermore, there are safe deaths while War’s Reckoning is active; all death cost mechanics will be disabled while the event is live. That means you can die as many times as you want without having to pay the penalty. Not only will you not have to pay to get your equipment back upon death instead of having to reclaim them, but Ring of Death charges won’t be consumed as well. Note that this won’t be available for free-to-play and hardcore ironmen players.

Besides that, luck is increased for the Rare Drop Table, making it the perfect time for players to get any coveted goodies they have on their wish list. As if that wasn’t enough, the Invention drain rate and Marks of War cooldown are reduced to 50%. As previously stated, there will be a +50 Slayer XP increase for tasks but note that this bonus will be disabled during Double XP LIVE, so make sure to toggle off your Double XP buff when doing any Slayer-related tasks.

The Controversy Behind the Cost of Death

The death cost mechanic has been a controversial topic in RuneScape for quite a while now, and ever since War’s Reckoning surfaced, it’s been the talk of the town. It exists as a gold sink to keep disincentive players from dying too much and being reckless in combat, but nevertheless, its implementation is flawed. If one were to have the best armor and weapons equipped during their death, they’d have to pay more than 10 million RuneScape gold. This not only makes failure extremely punishing, but it also scares away players from using the best gear that they have. At the very least, Jagex’s team members have confirmed that they’re currently seeking an alternative to this, as with everything else amid the pandemic, it’s unlikely to come anytime soon. In the meantime, events like War’s Reckoning work as a reasonable band-aid solution to alleviate one of RuneScape’s biggest problems that endgame players face. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from the developments once they have a concrete solution.


For players that want to level up their Slayer skill, this is their time to shine! Paired with the Double XP LIVE, you essentially have everything that you could ever need to bump up all of your skills and then some. Plus, this is a good chance to farm RS3 gold and RuneScape items without having to do the “usual” methods.

What do you think about the War’s Reckoning event? Let us know down below!

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