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While both online and offline bingo operate with similar game mechanics, more often than not, the experience you get playing online bingo ends up being entirely different from that of offline bingo. Of course, both online and offline spheres provide ample opportunity for you to socialize and meet like-minded friends, but that’s about where the two stop being similar.

Lately, gaming companies have noted the fall of bingo games played in real life, due to the prevalence of online bingo sites like While there are still numerous land-based bingo games hosted all over the country for you to go to, some might still prefer to go to physical casinos for the real-life thrill. So what truly separates online bingo from offline bingo? What makes one more appealing than the other? We’ve compiled a list of benefits for online and offline bingo for your reading pleasure. 

The Perks of Going Online 

We’ve arrived at the digital age. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with the internet, and everything you do, you do with style. Playing bingo is one of these things. In this list, we’ll be going through the perks of playing online bingo. 

  1. Play wherever, whenever, you want 

The first great thing about playing bingo is pretty obvious –– you get to do it entirely from the comfort of your own home. Simply join any online room from any room in your house. Online bingo is pretty portable. You can play games while you’re on the move and if you really enjoy the game, why not try downloading a bingo app? It’s always dependable, and there’s no need to wait. Thousands of sites are available for you to try your hand at online bingo, so you won’t find yourself running out of games to choose from. Each site offers slightly varied versions of bingo, so try them out for yourself and find out which one suits you best. Furthermore, with new games always being started, you can jump on any game any time you want. It doesn’t matter if you wake up at 7a.m in the morning for breakfast, or you snooze in till noon for brunch. Online bingo games don’t just start at 9 p.m. anymore, so enjoy them whenever you’re feeling lucky. 

  1. Play without hurting your wallet 

Playing bingo online often comes at a price tag of absolutely nothing. That’s right  –– many sites offer free bingo games just for your playing pleasure. Other sites offer bingo with no deposit required bonuses when you first join their sites, allowing you to test their site and play their bingo games for free for a trial period. While the earnings might not be much with these bonuses, the idea is that you get to try the site before you pull your wallet out. 

  1. Play with help for greater earnings

With the adaptation of these games to the online sphere, sites have ensured that you get the best playing experience by helping you get your winnings easier. Many sites allow you to pre-buy your bingo tickets, for example, for games that have not even started. If you don’t have time to log in for your Friday night bingo, the site will recognize the winning tickets in your hand and give you your earnings anyway. You don’t even have to be online for it! The site will prompt you if you missed out on a winning number on your bingo sheet, making it easier for you to win the game since you can purchase limitless tickets without fretting about missing out on a number. 


The Perks of Playing in Real Life 

Playing bingo in real life now entails going to a bingo hall. While it might not appeal to the couch potatoes of this world, there are still plenty of benefits attached to going to bingo halls that online bingo can never quite truly replicate. In this list, we’ll be going through the perks of playing bingo in real life, at traditional bingo halls. 

  1. Organize a fun night out with friends 

Bingo has never been a solo game, but one that’s enjoyed with many people. One of the biggest perks of playing bingo offline then is of course the social aspect that comes with playing the game. Bingo halls provided the space for friends to meet up and have a drink together, and win some cash if they were feeling lucky. Bingo halls usually offer food for you to enjoy while you play your game as well, so you get to have your fill as you wait for your numbers to be called. 

  1. Get your earnings, stat 

The downside of playing bingo online is that your payouts often take a longer time to be processed into your bank account. Playing in bingo halls, however, means that you can usually collect your cash earnings on your way out from the hall itself –– no need to wait days and nights. Maybe after you’ve collected your winnings, you can head down to the bar next door to enjoy a drink. You’ve earned it! 

  1. Meet like-minded friends and play new games

They say birds of a feather flock together. Chances are, the people you meet at bingo probably have a few things in common with you as well to be enjoying such a well-loved classic game. Going to bingo halls means you get to meet fresh faces every week, and laugh away with your new buddies. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to play new games too! Many bingo halls host tombola contests and raffle competitions as the main bingo game is happening, so why not bring your new pals to try something new? 


Bingo has been a beloved game across the globe since its rise in the 60s. With the adaptation of the game to the online sphere, many more people have hopped onto the trend of playing bingo, hoping for the right number to be called. With the advent of the internet, and with the human need for connection at all times, it’s truly hard to say if online or offline bingo games are the right way to go. We hope the lists we have compiled have been helpful for you to identify the perks of playing online as well as offline bingo. No matter which you prefer, we hope that the game continues to bring joy to your life. If you’re feeling lucky, why not play a game of bingo now? 

Huynh Nguyen

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