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Before we get started with this week’s mailing bag, here’s a brief explanation of the origin of all of our analysis:

Inside Injuries was founded by an orthopedic radiologist, Dr Anand Lalaji (aka Dr A) who contributes to all of our trauma processes. Dr A assembled a team of doctors and data scientists to create an algorithm to assess the impact of an injury on a player. This algorithm powers all of our analysis and determines each player’s Risk of Injury, Health Performance Factor, and Optimal Recovery Time. These are not just numbers and data made up. It is based on years of medical experience and historical injury research and has proven to be extremely accurate in determining how an injury will affect a player’s performance and risk of injury. Future.

Here is a quick description of terms from our trauma algorithm:

  • IRC = Injury Risk Category (Low, High, High) – overall likelihood a player will be injured
  • HPF = Health Performance Factor (Highest, Above Average, Below Average, Poor) – our metric for predicting player performance
  • ORT = Optimal Recovery Time – the amount of time a player takes to fully recover from an injury (not the same as the time they would actually miss)

Is there a chance? Derrick Henry back in this season?

Derrick Henry suffered the dreaded Jones fracture in Week 8. It’s a common injury in football, but we see it most often in well-known players. Now he is in danger of missing the rest of the season. Henry had his right foot evaluated last Sunday but is back in action. The next day, a Jones fracture was discovered during additional examination (this type of fracture does not always show up on x-rays). This means there is a fracture in the fifth ankle, at the base of the little toe. Jones’ fracture did not heal very well because of poor blood circulation in this area.

During surgery, a pin will be inserted to stabilize the broken bone. We have seen many players try to return within 6-8 weeks of surgery, but this timeline is very rushed. The rate of re-fracture is very high within the first 10 weeks and yields are significantly reduced. With 10 weeks left of the regular season, I don’t see Henry coming back, and if he did he wouldn’t be the same player. If Titan that would make a knockout he could be triggered, but quite a bit of risk would remain – the risk that he would get injured again and the risk that his form would drop.

A bruised heel seems like an ambiguous way to describe it James Robinsoninjured. Do we know if it has something to do with ligaments or an impact injury? I hope that Jaguar let him rest for a week but is there any sign that this injury could affect him long term? – Brian H.

I don’t think Robinson’s heel injury is really just a bruise, but it can be a deep wound that hurts when he puts weight on his heel. Robinson is supposed to be day by day, but I believe this is something he can get through. He underwent several tests on Monday and confirmed it was not a serious injury. Robinson didn’t practice on Wednesday or Thursday, so his participation on Friday will be important to keep an eye on. If he can make it to a limited session, I believe he will fit in on Sunday. Another DNP will be interested in his Week 9 status. He currently has a High Risk of Injury and a Below Average HPF, but our predictions suggest his HPF could be Above Average on Sunday’s game.

Will Kyler Murray OK to play this Sunday versus 49ers? – James M.

Murray sprained his ankle in the final game of the Cardinals’ loss last Thursday. He has yet to train this week but is one of those players who can sit all week and still adapt on Sunday. Murray has said he looks forward to playing, but the final decision will have to wait until game time. I believe the next few days will be very beneficial for Murray’s performance in this sprain. Our algorithm has given him an Optimal Recovery Time of two weeks, so he’ll be out for a few more days until Sunday. Murray’s risk of re-injury remains high because the ligaments in his ankle are stretched, leaving them vulnerable to other sprains. His HPF is Above Average. We can’t expect him to be as mobile as usual, but he will be able to play and be quite effective. If Murray is your original imaginary QB, you need to have a backup ready in case, but he has a solid hit in the warm-up.

Timetable for what Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Kareem Hunt? Is there any hope of them returning before saying goodbye a few weeks? – Matt T.

Edwards-Helaire continues with IR treatment after a Week 5 MCL sprain in his left knee. The MCL runs along the inside of the knee and is one of four important knee ligaments for stability. This sprain was a pretty serious one, so our algorithm gave him an Optimal Recovery Time of six weeks. An MCL sprain usually heals on its own but takes time. He’s been recovering for almost a month now, will probably be back in a few weeks. There are no updates from Chief at which point he might return, so he’s still on IR with no apparent timeline. Bye will come in Week 12. I believe CEH will be able to return before then, but if the Captains want to be extra cautious, he could stay out until Week 13.

Hunt developed a strain on his right calf muscle at Week 6 and continues to receive IR treatment. He is eligible to return in Week 10. Our algorithm has a Healthy Day to return in Week 11, so he remains at High Risk of Injury with below-average HPF for now. in. Calf strains are extremely complex. They are wounds that are difficult to heal, slow to heal, and easily aggravated. Because of this, Hunt needs to take a very cautious approach to his rehab and bounce back if he wants to have a productive final month of the season. NS Brown goodbye Week 13, and sitting until then would be smart, but it’s unlikely. Initially, Hunt was given an expected recovery timeline of four to six weeks. We often see players sit longer at the bottom of these predictions, so I don’t see Hunt returning in Week 10 when he first qualified. The calf muscle is important for all explosive movements, so it’s involved in pretty much every movement that running backwards creates.

What do you think about? Russell WilsonTimetable to return now that the pin has been removed from his finger? I’m streaming QB until then. – Michael M.

When Russell Wilson underwent finger surgery last month, the goal was to return by Week 10, although 6-8 weeks was reported as a more realistic timeline. Wilson was injured in two different places on his middle finger. The upper joint meets the mallet finger, that is, the tendon is broken and the tip of the finger cannot be straightened anymore. Then there was a case of fracture-dislocation. This means that the joint is misaligned and the bone is broken into pieces. If Wilson had only had one of these injuries, I could have seen him play in Week 10 and be quite productive, but since there are two serious injuries here, I’m concerned about him coming back too quickly.

Wilson had the pins removed from his finger this week and is now able to progress in his detox. He was seen pitching just a day later. Wilson suffered an injury four weeks ago and was unable to straighten his finger as it healed from surgery. This leads to significant muscle loss, so it will take him a while to get this working again. While there’s a chance Wilson could return in Week 10, I don’t think this is a smart decision. The fracture won’t heal for about two months, and the tendon is still improving. It is possible to play before these injuries are 100% healed, but it will affect his ability to hold the ball and affect his performance. Our algorithm shows that Wilson won’t be back until Week 12 and even then his fingers will be an issue. However, he will see significant improvement by that time.

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