Capcom President Says “Game Prices Are Too Low”

In comments last weekend, Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto claimed that video game prices were too low, citing the massive increase Development costs and that game prices have not increased at the same rate. He suggested that increasing game prices was a “healthy option” for the industry.

That was only a year ago The era of $70 video games truly beganas well as numerous “AAA” publications – such as GOtham Knights And God of war Ragnarök– started selling for $10 more than players expected. Now, in 2023, about half of AAA games from major publishers have adopted the new $70 price point. Nevertheless, Capcom is one of the few publishers that has so far refrained from increasing prices. New games continued to be sold Street Fighter 6, for $60 instead of $70. But that could change.

According to a September 23 report from Nikkei, Tsujimoto spoke about various topics at the Tokyo Game Show. Capcom’s president reportedly stated in his speech at the event that he believes video game prices are “too low.”

“Development costs are about 100 times higher than during the Famicom era, but software prices haven’t increased as much,” Tsujimoto said, referring to Nintendo’s hugely successful 8-bit console from the 1980s. “There is also a need to increase wages. With wages rising across the industry, I believe increasing unit prices is a healthy option for the economy.”

Tsujimoto further explained that even a recession or society’s low general trust in the business world should not play a role in game prices. These factors had “little to do with the games industry” and people still bought games even during the recession The Lehman Brothers stock collapse in 2008.

“Just because there’s a recession doesn’t mean you can’t go to the movies or your favorite artist’s concert. High-quality games will continue to sell,” Tsujimoto said.

Video game prices are likely to rise, even if players don’t like it

There is no doubt that developing a video game in 2023 costs a lot more than it did in 1983. Games are bigger and more complex than ever before. It requires more people, time and resources to create. Even many “smaller” games are still significantly larger and more complex than any of the games released in the 80s and 90s.

But these days, games are also packed with constant online requirements, cosmetic shops, and paid “battle passes.” It is sometimes argued that publishers need these things to make money, and that if the prices of games were increased, these microtransactions and other annoyances would go away. However, when I look at how many $70 games still have all this stuff in 2023, I’m not so sure.

Doesn’t matter, The industry cannot maintain this pace forever. As games get bigger, failure becomes riskier and trying something new becomes less likely. Something has to change. And given the choice, publishers will likely increase the price you pay for big games like the next one gloriole or Grand Theft Auto perhaps even over $70 in the coming years.


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