Canadian single woman breaks down the six types of Australian men she sees on dating apps

A Canadian single woman living in Australia took to TikTok to describe the different “types” of Australian men she meets on dating apps.

Kennedy Chelan, who lives on the Sunshine Coast, has broken it down into different categories – preppy Melbourne guys, surfer dudes, tradies and bogans to name a few.

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“You can find men in Australia,” the cheeky video is captioned.

Chelan goes on to list the different types of men she’s encountered on dating apps since coming to Australia, with many followers calling her assessment “very accurate”.

Canadian Kennedy Chelan on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@kennedychelan

Melbourne guy

“I’m sure they’ve put out a public announcement that says you have to have a picture of yourself at the races to be a ‘Melbourne guy,'” she began, showing a picture of two neatly dressed men in suits.

“The second requirement is that you must mention almond croissants somewhere in your profile.

“Bonus points if you discuss where to find the best almond croissant in Melbourne.

The Melbourne guy. Credit: TikTok/@kennedychelan

“There’s probably going to be an image of them mysteriously staring down a cocktail at a bar that you’re not cool enough to know about.”

“Alternatively, they can also be an AFL player.

“They’re the only two types of guys in Melbourne.”

The trade

“The color orange is making me freaking sick now,” Chelan moaned, posting a picture of a man in a hi-vis vest.

“Simply because I’ve seen it too many times.

“And because for some reason being a Chippie or a Sparkie is your whole personality.”

Mustache tattoo guy

“My personal favourite, the absolute best, is the mustache tattoo guy – bonus points for the mustache patchwork tattoo guy with long hair,” Chelan continued.

“There are many of you out there, but only some of you are getting it right.

“You probably listen to really cool music and have better shoes than me.”

The “mustache tattoo guy”. Credit: TikTok/@kennedychelan

surfer guy

“Surfer Dude is cool, he’s got long hair, tan skin, he’s probably a little skinny, and… he surfs,” Chelan reeled off next.

“There are many of you.

“You have really aesthetic pictures, there’s probably a picture of you surfing.”

Gold Coast guy

“Gold Coast dude, his life is the gym,” Chelan added, pointing to a picture of a muscular, shirtless man.

“He gets really rowdy on the weekends, probably dangling into some illegal substances, and yes their names are still things like Brad.

“His Tinder profile probably says something about looking for a girl with a nice butt or hanging out with the guys on Saturdays and having a few beers.”

The Gold Coast guy. Credit: TikTok/@kennedychelan

The boga

“I don’t like to say (the word ‘bogan’) — it seems offensive — but everyone still says it,” Chelan said.

“This guy wears fish slippers (sic) so I’d like to be called that,” she added, pointing to a picture of a guy chugging a beer and wearing questionable shoes.

“And it’s pretty self-explanatory … I’ve seen it, I don’t want to see it again.”


Chelan’s post has garnered more than 10,000 views, with followers giving their hot take on her breakdown of Australian men on dating apps.

“That was very accurate,” said one woman.

“There are a few variants you might come across… The Cashed Up Bogan, usually in WA, and the hipster from Sydney’s eastern suburbs,” one man wrote.

“Come to WA,” suggested another.

“I haven’t been to WA or Syd haha,” Chelan replied.

Chelan on Instagram. Credit: Instagram/Kennedy Chelan

“You need to check out the Byron Bay boys,” advised one follower.

“Oh man, I’m like all these guys rolled into one, surfer, tradie, fitness guy, who’s into cars,” one guy chimed in.

“Hahaha, good combo,” Chelan replied.

Others wanted to fill in the blanks by pointing out other Aussie “types” to them.

“You forgot the millions of guys wearing a flat-brimmed surf cap, Oakleys and a Billabong t-shirt and shorts with sandals,” noted one follower.

Chelan had more than 10,000 replies. Credit: Instagram/Kennedy Chelan

Chelan eventually admitted she didn’t even understand some of the comments she received.

One of the strangest responses was, “My mistake… I’ll take the guy with more muscle cells than brain cells. Medically, he probably only has two neurons connected by a spirochaete.”

Chelan joked, “Lol I’ve never been so confused by a comments section and it’s my own.”

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