Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 update takes guns away from scammers

Nobody likes cheaters, especially the Ricochet Anti-Cheat Team, call of Duty‘s special cheat busting unit. April 4 Ricochet give a short report detailing how it preserves the integrity of the game. They have some pretty hilarious ways of pranking scammers, from making their targets disappear in front of their eyes to snatching guns right out of their hands.

For as long as online multiplayer games have existed, scammers have been trying to gain an advantage using third-party software, hardware modifications, or other tricks to gain an unfair advantage. From the ability to see through walls to bots correcting their aim, scammers can ruin the experience for everyone else. And with a game as big as call of DutyUnfortunately, cheating and hacking can be all too common. In a new update codThe anti-cheat security team has announced that it is targeting third-party software and hardware exploits and introducing new ways to monitor player behavior. The Ricochet team also posted some delightful videos of some of the “in-game mitigations” they use to stop cheaters right at this moment.

call of Duty now targets external cheat devices

While cod has seen Tech yoinking the guns At the hands of scammers before, hardware devices that intercept and unfairly modify a controller or mouse input have been a tricky bugbear for the anti-cheat team to squash.

Now the team finally has the systems in place to identify and tag players using such devices. According to the latest update, anyone caught using a suspicious device will see an “Unsupported Devices Warning” and may face an account ban or ban. We already know scammers are coming in call of Duty receive banned for several gamesso scammers don’t just risk their ability to play Modern Warfare II Here. kotaku contacted Activision to ask if banned cheaters can still play single player campaigns.

Ricochet said the new detection services will be used for both PCs and consoles. But that’s not all the team does to ensure a fair gaming experience.

Fraudsters risk having their guns taken away from them

Ricochet has included a series of pretty funny videos documenting what to expect when trying to get away with breaking the rules Modern Warfare II And Warzone 2.0. Such an enforcement mechanism will look familiar to you vanguard Player: If you’re messing around with cheats, you can expect your weapon to just disappear.


Another amusing anti-cheat mechanism makes legitimate players just disappear in front of a scammer’s eyes. The fun part? Players who are not cheating can still see and shoot the cheater. Watch this in action:


Griefers are also noted

A new “Replay Investigation Tool” allows Ricochet to keep a close eye on suspicious behavior, and that includes griefing, which can include hostile voice or text chats, team killing, or other behavior clearly aimed at harassing other players. Players caught violating the game’s code of conduct faced with additional warnings and possible suspensions.

Griefing, glitching and other types of exploits are sometimes difficult to trace as they may involve unsportsmanlike behavior or manipulation of bugs that the developers have not yet fixed. Ricochet says it will start with a series of warnings and penalties, but players who don’t pull themselves together may face harsher penalties.

Warzone 2.0 got a bit difficult hold cod Fans active and playing. It remains to be seen if the game’s next update will be included on April 12th Fan favorite operator Alejandro And valeria, will help him correct course, it’s nice to know that the developers are making sure the game stays fair.

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