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Kenneth Bae, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un
Kenneth Bae, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman, aka “The Worm,” is someone known for living his life to the fullest, and to be precise, his full life extends beyond basketball and even seeps into politics, doesn’t it to his own country USA, but to a country whose dictator the whole world fears, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, led by the dictator Kim Jong Un, known for his brutal attack on the freedom of the people of North Korea and other issues that a created imbalances around the world. Kim Jong Un is one of the most feared people on this planet due to numerous reports and evidence of human rights violations, nuclear testing and much more.

The strangest thing about this whole incident that we need to focus on is the fact that Dennis Rodman has been close friends with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong UN for a very long time and has officially visited the country four times as he was personally invited by the man Kim Jong Un himself.

When Kim Jong Un came to power a few years before 2013, Kenneth Bae was imprisoned in North Korea, and the eyes of all people in the US were on Rodman, who was “close friends” with the dictator, and was that of him expects him to give Bae some help to get him out of prison.

This is the story of Dennis Rodman, Kenneth Bae, Kim Jong Un and how Rodman made the whole country angry at him, for which he eventually apologized but still remained controversial.

Let’s delve deeper into this infamous incident and take a look at what happened back when Rodman was forced to apologize and apologize.

Denis Rodman apologizes for comments about Kenneth Bae and accuses him of being ‘drunk’

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman was reportedly unaware that politics and sport don’t go together, or forgot the fact that sport, politics and anything else never goes together, and the politics between two countries that are rivals is the worst combination you’ve ever had could do, and Rodman decided to do just that.

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When Un came to power, he had to take strict measures to prove he was worthy of being in control of North Korea, and anyone who got in the way of his goals or attempted to spread propaganda was severely punished , and that’s exactly what Kenneth Bae was sentenced to 15 years for alleged propaganda against Kim. The act was not treason and therefore Bae was sentenced to 15 years in prison instead of imprisonment.


At times like this, when the Supreme Leader was angry with an American, only one person could calm him down, his close friend Dennis Rodman. But the fact remains that Rodman did just the opposite.

Rodman began his trial by organizing a basketball game between North Korea and the United States, after which he said on camera that Bae was a criminal and deserved to go through whatever was done to him, and particularly deserved the punishment. Bae’s family was heartbroken to hear such words from their last hope and did not believe what they had heard from him.

Immediately after this incident, Rodman’s PR team came out to apologize for all the things that had been said of him, saying that it was the result of alcohol and stress, which is still a matter of debate.

Kenneth Bae’s release from North Korea and freedom of Kim Jong Un

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‘I want to apologize for my comments, I was under a lot of stress’: Bulls legend Dennis Rodman retracted his comments about North Korean prisoner Kenneth Bae 2 ​​​​

Dennis Rodman condemned Bae’s actions and called him a full-fledged criminal for speaking out against the Supreme Leader, but went on to seek credit for his release from North Korea. Bae’s release coincided with the release of the film The Interview. Bae was released 735 days after his incarceration, he has set up an NGO to speak out against the dictator’s actions and is doing well to achieve his goal.

No matter what, this incident at least taught that one should not interfere in politics between two rival countries, and in no case should sports and politics be mixed up

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