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BOSTON (CBS) – What is a once-in-a-lifetime comeback if it happens twice?

The level of heartbreak reached when that comeback is complete, only to have it all become meaningless in the blink of an eye for a few seconds?

And in the vast world of freak sports what’s to be said about the soccer game taking place in Tampa on Sunday afternoon?

It was a game where the Bucs lost to the Rams countless times. While falling 10-0, then 20-3, they toasted. Upon failing to defend Tom Brady, in blowing the penalty against Cooper Kupp and being Odell Beckham Jr. work, in getting the kicks out of bounds, missing a field goal, in the unfinished fourth down throw multiple times, the Bucs have lost this game several times. end time.

But when Tom Brady is quarterback, no game is lost. And even though they led 27-3 in the middle of the third quarter, Brady and the Bucs led the Patriots in their 2016 and back. All return as tubers.

After Kupp floundered with the Rams on 21, Brady hit Scotty Miller to switch a fourth and 9, keeping a drive that ended with a touchdown run by Leonard Fournette.

After a frantic two-man combination that saw Brady steal the ball before a misplaced catch sent the ball back to the Bucs in the midfield, the midfielder made it three to three in 77 yards and a touch of the ball to cut Los Angeles’ score to seven.

And after Cam Akers fumbled while the Rams were trying to run the clock, Brady injured it. Of course he did. Brady throws for Cameron Brate on 1/3 and 10 at the Rams’ 18-yard line. One review found that Brate had been hard pressed to gain an advantage, and with the world expecting a sneak strike from Brady QB, quarterback was awarded to Fournette in the fourth game. Fournette made a challenge in the backfield and made her way to the back.

PAT is good. The score has been tied. Brady and the Bucs went down from 27-3 to draw at 27 with 42 seconds remaining in the game.

Of course, the 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI versus the Falcons isn’t all about Brady. Dont’a Hightower tied sales with a sack. Trey Flowers (fired) and Chris Long (penalty awarded) also pushed the Falcons out of range. The trio of Julian Edelman, James White, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell and Martellus Bennett is just unbelievable.

The same is true in this one.. Ndamukong Suh and Jamel Dean’s second half, Sean Murphy-Bunting’s recovery, Lavonte David and Jason Pierre-Paul’s run, Fournette’s run, late defense from season two and thirds- solve the series correctly, all – obviously – are big parts of the equation.

But really, we only have one common denominator from the two greatest post-season comebacks of all time. His name is Tom Brady.

However, this movie does not have a happy ending for Tom. The Bucs defensive lineback – which has had problems against good quarterbacks all year long – has lost track of the best collector in the NFL. Kupp was beaten by Antione Winfield Jr. Matthew Stafford tackles after that, the ball is in the perfect position.

All that succeeded to get back 24 points or less has been wiped out.

Stafford spiked it. Matt Gay takes a chip shot. The Rams left Raymond James Stadium with the victory.

All the others left with skepticism.

There’s no way it just happened Again. And it’s not going to happen again that it doesn’t matter in the end.

Once again, Brady was at the center of a football event that no one could believe.

Sometimes the sun shines on Brady at those moments – Super Bowl LI, Snow Bowl, Super Bowl XXXVI, Malcolm Butler pick, San Diego playoff win in ’06 or over Raven in ’14 or in Kansas City in ’18, to name a few.

Other times, he wasn’t so lucky. Sunday’s loss included the Giants Super Bowl, second Super Bowl eagle game, AFC ’06 title match in Indy, ’15 AFC title fight in Denver, and another playoff loss in Denver back Back in ’05 was unbelievable, the historic playoff soccer game where Brady’s team finally got to handle an L.

That Sunday’s game came amid much speculation and reports that Brady could very well give up the sport of football that crystallized the hand Brady played to write NFL history for more than 20 years. When Brady finally leaves the sport, the league will miss the irreplaceable man. Fans and haters alike can agree without a problem on one thing: this guy has a knack for playing unbelievable football games. It is a fact The Situation of Maximus Decimus Meridius. And this year’s finale went as well as any other day.

The fact that Brady has done everything he’s done this year at 44 is something the sports world as a whole doesn’t. correct admit all the same. It’s really unbelievable. Historic. Legendary. Madness. Never happend. We will never see anyone play again that good at that grow old. It’s been a magical, magical season.

But, well, it doesn’t end when Brady’s seasons are over half the time. He didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, he obviously didn’t win Super Bowl, and now he’s entering a season where – for the first time – his mindset doesn’t align with his goal of playing football forever. Now, he seems to be really thinking about retirement. After leading the league in passes and touches, after almost certainly finishing second in MVP voting, after throwing the second most passes in any NFL season so far at 44, after 17 games barely hurt, Brady could walk away.

On the one hand, his departure from the game was long overdue. What he did at 40 is absurd, let alone what he did at 43 and 44. The train should have left the station years ago, but it continued to rumble, creating out a Super Bowl in New England, a Super Bowl in Tampa, and an unforgettable comeback this sunny Sunday on the Sun Coast.

“I haven’t given it much thought,” Brady said when asked about retiring after the 30-27 loss. “So we’ll just take it day by day and see where we are.”

Brady Yes told the NBC broadcast crew that his career would ideally end with a Super Bowl. Ideally, that end wouldn’t come this year. At the same time, maybe not. In Brady’s Word, “There are many things that cannot be concluded.” That seems to be quite true.

So while we won’t have answers about Brady’s future, Sunday’s roller coaster is a perfect celebration of his past and present. He didn’t win, because no one – not even Tom Brady – can win every match. But he delivered. More often than not, and more consistently than anyone before him or after him, Brady delivers. Even when he lost, at 44, even with a short foul and a limp, Brady excelled.

One day, those deliveries will no longer be made. Everyone – Brady fans and those who claim to be sick of Brady – better hope that the date gets delayed for at least another year. The world of football is a better place when Tom Brady is on the football field.

You can email Michael Hurley or find him on Twitter @michaelFhurley.

https://boston.cbslocal.com/2022/01/23/hurley-tom-brady-just-delivers-comeback-rams-playoffs/ Bucs returned from March 27, only to lose at the last minute – CBS Boston

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