BRAVO, MOM: Watch Virginia Parents Give It To Cowardly School Administrators

One woman in my life has been declared the Best Mother, and now I consider the second Great Mother title to be locked down as well. Yesterday, a video went viral on Twitter of a Virginia Momma Bear outright attacking her superintendent and school board as a combined result of their insistence on wearing a mask and even impose penalties for non-compliant mask wearers (who are usually 5 years old, by the way).

First, some basic information about masks worn at school. They don’t work, so there’s that. It was known long before Covid that cloth and surgical masks provided little protection from particles measuring in nanometers. Every great study ever written says so much. Add to that improper use by untrained wearers and the minimal benefits are diminishing. After two years of calling DOJ-labelled domestic terrorists like this mother a conspiracy theorist, even the CDC has released new recommendations for N95 wear – acknowledging cloth masks intended for children do not wear. necessary protection.

However, they tie these disgusting and disastrous diapers to our most precious and vulnerable demographic.

Here are some questions Fauci, Walensky and other hacks need to be asked: If they know masks don’t work, why are they forcing us to wear them? Do they believe that the trade-off of hiding the faces of children and teachers, even though there’s no evidence masking works or schools are always vectors of disease, is in exchange for a connection between people to each other, affection and social development have value? ? We won’t learn anything new, but it would be nice if they dig deeper in the simple and documented view.

Science aside, the politics behind this child crush were also exposed in this combat woman’s verbal duel. In her closing remarks, she reminded Director LaTonya McDade that the previous explanation for mandatory mask wearing was behind the unscientific decree by then-Democratic Governor Ralph Northram that schools learn to enforce their use. Not my decision, declare that the payer is more than 300,000 dollars.

Citing newly inaugurated Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin having abolished masked mandates, what excuse can the now overpaid and unimpressive general manager offer? The entire video is a jewel of truth, reason, common sense, and righteous passion.

Amazingly, this video and others who liked it are causing a stir. At the time of this writing, the Prince William County School District website is down. I can only surmise that a lot of ordinary people like me are curious not just about illegal language and enforcement of face covering policies, but because it’s Virginia, potentially the entire BLM curriculum. / LGBT. Basically, we all want to know how they are harming young people. A lot I guess.

As a former public educator, this is a good forum and time to remind readers that government schooling doesn’t work. Stage = Stage. While it is admirable to see the governor of Virginia rewrite the goals of the Department of Education, removing language based on BLM/1619/CRT and replacing it with ideas like skills, achievement, and opportunity, but that’s still not enough. The same can be said of his removal of the duty to administer vaccines and masks. All great, no questions asked. Now, what happens when Democrats inevitably take control of the state again?

Instead of working within a failing system – especially the Department of Education in general – conservative leaders need to think bigger. Not only do they need to re-imagine these institutions, they need to abolish them. To the south, Youngkin’s Republican colleague in South Carolina Introduction to the law works towards privatizing youth education in their state through a voucher system. As with my duel with this mother, the duel was different with this governor.

We cannot fix government schools. They are inherently set up to fail our young people. Instead, there’s only one solution: Direct family involvement – you know, the opposite of what potential governor Terry McAulliffe and the national federations of teachers claim. Families raise their children until they reach school age, after which their moral foundation and academic potential are well formed. In addition, only families can meaningfully shape their children’s development in a way that is commensurate with their own values. A voucher system, leveling the playing field for the rich and poor, gives that power to parents. The perfect system would be one that offers vouchers to all student learning environments, including home schools, and focuses on apprenticeships and apprenticeships starting much younger than after graduating from high school. Maybe then we will see a good change in society.

Until then, enjoy this clip. This mother is on fire! BRAVO, MOM: Watch Virginia Parents Give It To Cowardly School Administrators

James Brien

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