BOOM: JK Rowling detonates over trans movement’s demand that everyone subscribe to their views

JK Rowling is the liberal author of the Harry Potter Series that was once a heroine of the left but is now a bitter enemy of the left who pushes transgenderism because it refuses to bow to the demands of those pushing the “current thing”.

In a Twitter thread, she responded to a tweet about the claim that “trans women are women” and addressed the transgender movement’s call for everyone to subscribe to the message she is spreading and not just agree, but express their approval. The original tweet said:

It feels like TWAW [trans women are women] as a mantra and the annulment of women over allegations of transphobia should test sanity’s loyalty and will she resist power or, at best, turn a blind eye to save her own skin. Does she value career advancement or the right thing?

Rowling, in her thread, called:

“The manager of a fruit and vegetable shop hangs the slogan ‘Workers of the world unite!’ in his shop window among onions and carrots. Why is he doing this? … Is he really enthusiastic about the idea of ​​unity among the workers of the world? 1/12

Is his enthusiasm so great that he feels an irrepressible urge to acquaint the public with his ideals? Did he really think for more than a moment how such a union could come about and what it would mean? 2/12

This poster, along with the onions and carrots, was shipped from corporate headquarters to our greengrocer. He just put them all in the window…because everyone does and because that’s the way it has to be. 3/12

If he refused, there could be trouble. He could be blamed for not having the right “decoration” in his window; someone might even accuse him of infidelity. He does it because those things must be done if one is to get along in life. 4/12

… The slogan is really a sign and as such carries a subliminal but very clear message … “I, greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I have to do. I behave as I am expected to behave…I am obedient and therefore have the right to be left alone.’ 5/12

…if the greengrocer had been instructed to display the slogan “I am afraid and therefore unconditionally obedient”, he would not be nearly as indifferent to its semantics, although the statement would reflect the truth. 6/12

The greengrocer would be embarrassed and ashamed to make such an unequivocal declaration of his own humiliation… To overcome this complication, his declaration of loyalty must take the form of a token… 7/12

It must allow the greengrocer to say, “What is wrong with the workers of the world uniting?” Thus the sign helps the greengrocer to hide from himself the low bases of his obedience… It hides them behind the facade of something lofty … that something is ideology. 8/12

Ideology is a flimsy way of relating to the world. It offers people the illusion of identity, dignity and morality, while at the same time making it easier for them to say goodbye. 9/12

… it allows people to deceive their conscience and hide their true position and inglorious modus vivendi from both the world and themselves. It’s an excuse anyone can use, from the greengrocer hiding his fear of losing his job… 10/12

… up to the highest functionary … The individual does not have to believe all these mystifications, but he must behave as such, or at least tolerate them silently, or get on well with those who work with them. 11/12

Because of this, however, they must be living in a lie. You don’t have to accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it.” 12/X

Václav Havel, The Power of the Powerless, 1978

While it may seem strange that a liberal author like JK Rowling should take a stand against the trans movement and its demand that everyone bow the knee to its demands, it is not so when you read more about her earlier pronouncements.

For example, on the left-wing claim that “people menstruate,” Rowling said called:

“People who menstruate.” I’m sure there used to be a word for these people. someone help me whoops wimpund? Woomud?

Similarly, on how the trans movement’s insistence that men who identify as women are women can lead to violence against women, Rowling called:

“The legislation @NicolaSturgeon is trying to pass in Scotland will hurt the most vulnerable women in society: those seeking help after male violence/rape and women in prison. Statistics show that women in prison are much more likely to have been abused before.”

Rowling, a feminist of old, wants to protect women. As she pointed out in those tweets, the trans movement is not only demanding conformity and wiping out women, but also promoting policies that could end up harming women. This has to be taken seriously, and it’s good that someone with such a loud voice and platform as big as Rowling is willing to take it seriously. BOOM: JK Rowling detonates over trans movement’s demand that everyone subscribe to their views

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