Boom: Conservative commentator flips script with brilliant observation of Will Smith’s slap

Is Will Smith/Chris Rock’s infamous slap now real or is it staged? My point, which I think is more supported by facts, is that it’s true, but many people disagree, so it’s the question that revolves around the internet after the slap joked around the world. . For those who haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:

Otherwise, it’s super slick and ridiculous overall, so it seems like the sort of thing the Hollywood regime would spoof for ratings.

Just think about it (and this is a summary of the main argument circling the internet, not a factual statement of whether the event is fake or not): Rock made a clever joke. , quite humorous and well received by the audience. applause and laughter. In some videos, it looks like Will Smith is smiling at first!

Then, all of a sudden, he walked over and slapped Chris Rock over the joke he might have laughed at minutes earlier.

Why? Maybe because it was staged, at least according to some conspiracy theorists.

Plus, given that Jada Smith cheated on Will Smith, the whole thing seems a bit odd. What honor did he defend for Jada when he assaulted Chris Rock? Matt Walsh pointed that out in a very humorous tweet, saying:

Will Smith will not tolerate other men making fun of his wife. However, he will tolerate other men having sex with his wife. This is a man of principle.

An article about the many arguments regarding why the incident could be staged, especially what the body language of the two men showed, is available here. The main argument from that point of view stems around this: the actors know how to fake fights and slap/punch and based on the way both of them stand and their brief smiles shortly after the incident, looks like a slap is a light slap. much more serious than it was.

But, on the other hand, it could very well be completely real. Jada Smith, as I talked about my original article on the case, notoriously cheated on Will Smith and then made that infidelity and his status as public knowledge in a public interview. That humiliation to Will Smith must have been so severe that any topic surrounding his marriage would have become thorny.

Furthermore, why would Smith blow up his career and become a laughing stock just so the Oscars could get a bit of a social media buzz the next day? He looks like an idiot in the video, especially when he starts cursing Chris Rock afterward, so he won’t gain anything from the incident and potentially lose a bit.

Well, what if the real point isn’t that the thing is real or fake, but that it shows a drift toward the emotions that represent our times? Who cares if the Oscars staged or Will Smith really hit the Rock: the fact that the whole thing seems real enough.

Why does it seem so real? Because it represents our society drifting away from reason and restraint and toward emotions. Cernovich pointed that out in a stunning, eye-opening tweet, saying:

Will Smith commits a violent crime, fails to take responsibility and then blames his emotions. The perfect encapsulation of our times.

Indeed. That’s probably the real lesson to all of this, the really important part: Will Smith’s actions, motivated by real emotion or just staged to look like it, show their society. How we have drifted away from what was once fundamental and now emotions and feelings are what is the main, driving force. Boom: Conservative commentator flips script with brilliant observation of Will Smith’s slap

Jake Nichol

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