Bob’s Burgers: Tina Belcher’s Best Crushes

Tina Belcher (Dan Minz) has to convince the viewer. From her wild imagination to her unique way with words, Bob’s burger created by Loren Bouchard just wouldn’t be the same without some classic Tina storylines. And when it comes to these, they often revolve around their raging hormones and boy obsession. Seemingly capable of falling in love instantly (or at the sight of a goose), she is rarely without a crush. So, in anticipation of who she might fall in love with and when Bob’s burger hits the big screen next month, it seems like the perfect time to look back at all those who have won Tina’s heart so far.


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jimmy jr

Bob's Burgers Jimmy Junior Tina Belcher
Image via FOX

Her longest crush, Jimmy Jr. (H.Jon Benjamin), has had a permanent place in Tina’s heart since Season 1. The son of Bob Belcher’s (H. Jon Benjamin) nemesis Jimmy Pesto (Jay Johnston), the pizzeria owner across the street, doesn’t quite share Tina’s feelings with Jimmy Jr. Although she never becomes the full reality of her many fantasies, she does share some exciting moments with her dream boy. There are several kisses, as well as some heart to heart. Though she best sums up her relationship with Jimmy Jr. when she tells a friend that she’s “half involved with someone and they’re half not involved with me, but we’re working on it.”

Jeff the ghost

Bob's Burgers Jeff the Ghost
Image via FOX

After summoning a spirit that a Ouija board confirmed to be a 13-year-old boy named Jeff, Tina falls in love with him. Printing the name Jeff on her mother’s Easy Breezy shoe box, she and her Spirit-in-a-Box are inseparable. From butterfly sanctuary and county fair dates to painting a couple, it seems Tina has finally found the one (though he doesn’t argue). But she’s no stranger to being a bully’s bait, and is led to believe that Jeff left her for popular rich girl Tammy (Jenny Slate). While all is well, it ends well because it leads to Tina’s realization that if she can take care of herself, she doesn’t need a boy to “take care” of her. Maybe not a sentiment she’s holding on to, but certainly a conclusion to her Jeff crush.

Jordan Cagan

bobs burger jordan cagan
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Graffiti artist known as “Ghost Boy”, aka Jordan Cagan (Nathan Fielder) is the ultimate bad boy. And since Tina is trying to prove to Tammy that she’s not an “unsalted pretzel,” he’s just what she needs. The two form a tagging team and spread the ghost face graffiti around town. However, when he suggests marking the town’s historic landship, her conscience takes over and she breaks up with Jordan. Tina throws a tantrum after being dumped and assures him (in her typically blunt style) that one day he’ll meet a girl “who doesn’t care about bad kisses or the law”.

Rodrigo, the Spanish audio voice

Bob's Burgers Rodrigo the audio voice
Image via FOX

When Tina finds herself in a state of nervousness and starts failing Spanish, she is sent to the library for mandatory audio Spanish lessons. And when 15-year-old Rodrigo (Julio Torres) is one of the voices, language learning takes a very different turn for her. Instantly transported to romantic Spanish dates, it doesn’t take long for her spirits to lift. But worried about her sister Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schall) step in to bring them to their senses. While she’s not the healthiest of crushes, her Spanish is improving a lot, so maybe it was worth it in the end.


Bob's Burger Josh
Image via FOX

In Bob’s burger‘Accept CinderellaTina and Josh’s (Ben Black) Love story begins with a simple plaster. When sparks fly through the shelves of a milk fridge after a meeting, the band-aid that falls off his finger is all she has left of her mysterious boy. After a long, arduous search for him (where boys have to wait in line to see if the band-aid fits), they are finally reunited and share a passionate kiss.

He reappears in two more episodes where he is involved in a love triangle with Tina and Jimmy Jr. and tries to impress Tina with his tap dancing, which is one of her rarer, longer-lasting crushes.

Jairo, the capoeira teacher

Bob's Burger Jairo
Image via FOX

This long-haired Brazilian stole Tina’s heart when she saw him rocking in the studio window. The instructor of a “deadly form of street fighting” entitled Capoeira, Jairo (Jon Glaser) fills Tina’s head with lots of ideas. From “toothpaste hurts your teeth” to “you only get two hours of sleep a night,” she fell in love with his life advice. However, as she begins to shirk her responsibilities at the restaurant, Bob doesn’t take her new discovery too well. Torn between her loyalty to her family and Jairo’s dreamy accent, she eventually decides that home really is where the heart is , and leaves the class, leaving behind another crush.


Bob's Burger Darryl
Image via FOX

In this Valentine’s Day episode, Tina falls for school’s math nerd, Darryl (Aziz Ansari) after agreeing to stage a fake relationship (and breakup) to win over his crush. It seems that not even animated characters can survive wrong dating without falling in love trope. And even Jimmy Jr. asking her out wasn’t enough to derail Tina’s feelings for Darryl. However, as Darryl lists all the things they don’t have in common, Tina begins to understand that he is actually better off with his crush.

Bruce the goose

Bob's Burger Bruce the Goose
Image via FOX

Perhaps her weirdest crush yet, and for this character, that’s particularly weird. For a girl unafraid of dating a box, this one beats even that. Enter Bruce the goose. After failing to be asked to dance by Jimmy Jr., she finds solace in a lonely goose down by the pond. Realizing that he’s the perfect listener, as well as the fact that Bruce won’t leave her side now, her new crush is in full force. As she regaled her family with tales of her and Bruce trying not to laugh when “a duck walked by and dropped a piece of bread,” it almost seems Jimmy Jr. has been forgotten.

But once again, Tina is cast aside for another. When Bruce sets his sights on his perfect partner (another goose), Tina bids farewell. Though despite the hilarity of the situation, it’s hard not to feel a little sadness for Tina as she mourns another Special Connection.

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