Blizzard suggests that WoW Token RMT in WoW Classic is “for the good of the community” due to the RMT bots

World of Warcraft WoW Classic The community has been in a frenzy over the past few days after Blizzard announced it would be porting the WoW token Wrath classic. WoW Classicwas of course sold to players as an authentic throwback experience, recreating the good old days of WowMinus some classic features like LFD added in the middle anger is Term, but still missing here. However, the WoW token was added in 2015 and essentially introduces legal RMT to the game; There’s no good way to characterize it as a “classic” feature, and it enters a version of the game that’s already riddled with unverified RMT activity.

Now, the Blizzard executives behind the call have addressed the uproar. Sorry, did I say Blizzard executives? I meant her sent out a community manager to present their positionand then they signed it from “The WoW Classic Team” as if the team made the call.

Poor Randy “Kaivex” Jordan has to admit that while the WoW token porting to the “classic” version of the game is irritating, it’s in the best interest of the community and economy, which is currently one-tenth overrun by bots The studio already bans thousands of them every week in what the team calls an “arms race” with gold farmers. In fact, the company claims to have banned almost 250,000 WoW Classic Bots in the last two weeks, another 73,000 in retail.

“As we looked closely at the state of affairs with Wrath Classic and how different players are approaching the game, we realized that we couldn’t lower the demand for gold. The implications of illegal RMT go beyond just buying gold; It’s the entire black market that revolves around gold sales. The concept of bots is used a lot, but it’s not just “bots” that are fueling this, but also compromised accounts, credit card fraud, scams, hacked customers, and the tools that illegal third parties use to power the RMT engine trade. […] While we can’t completely “win” the war, what we can do is mitigate the impact it has on the game. Is WoW Token the be-all and end-all to solve this problem? No, but it’s a tool. However, it is just one tool among many. There is clearly a demand for gold for certain types of players, and that demand continues to grow. That’s why we’re using a tool we’ve already used to mitigate the impact of illegal RMT on the game. The more tools we employ and the less lucrative we can make it for third parties to do what they do to generate profits, the less likely and more likely new malicious actors will enter the illicit RMT scene it that existing malicious actors will leave the business. Ultimately, it’s about taking incremental steps and leveraging a variety of tools to reduce the impact of these third parties in Wrath Classic and beyond.”

Blizzard also notes that the launch of the token will not affect most players who normally generate enough gold anger play to feed themselves. “There is no friction there [Wrath] Experience of the player that would tempt them to buy a token just to stay afloat.” (Of course, if that were true, there would be little demand for illicit RMT in the first place.)

The dev blog does not appease the players who have denied that Blizzard is making money from the WoW token and is run by a president who publicly engages in GDKP/culture sponsorship activities pushing the RMT and gold farming scene forward.

“[Y]You have now stated that you bought WoW tokens and gold Classic isn’t bad for the Classic experience, but a dungeon finder is,” summarized one player.

Activision-Blizzard is considered a controversial games company due to a long line of scandals, including the Blitzchung boycott, mass layoffs, labor disputes, wage inequality, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, federal settlements, executive misconduct, pipeline troubles, chaotic financials, and downfall titles , failed partnerships, widespread illegal union busting, disastrous management, brain drain, bungling OW2 PvE, Injection WoW Classic with RMT and the still amazing revelation that the CEO threatened to have his assistant assassinated. From 2023, the company will (theoretically) be taken over by Microsoft.


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