“Blame Putin for Everything”: Peter Doocy Humiliates Jen Psaki [VIDEO]

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FNC White House correspondent Peter Doocy never faced the invincible Jen Psaki with baby gloves. Instead of asking her silly, polished questions like many of the regime-friendly leftists in the room, he asked the questions America really needed for the administration to answer.

He did so again during a recent White House press conference, asking Jen Psaki:

We just heard you say again that you think inflation will be temporary. We’ve heard from you that it will only be temporary since last spring. So how long do you think temporary?

Jen, crazier than a wasp in a Coke can, turned around and said:

Again, Peter, I think what we do is rely on the judgment of the Federal Reserve and the outside economic analysts who make judgments about its longevity.

Their expectations and assessments at this point continue to be that it will drop by year’s end.

There is also no doubt that when a foreign dictator invades a foreign country, and when that foreign dictator is the head of a country that is the third largest supplier of oil in the world, it will have an adverse effect. motion. And that’s right.

Check out that verbal performance, part one of their hilarious replays, here:

But that is not the end of it. Doocy, never let her leave the story without a fight, followed by mocking the fact that Team Biden blamed Putin for everything bad that was going on, saying

And so inflation goes up today. The president’s statement blamed “Putin’s price hike.” Are you going to start blaming Putin for everything by midterms?

Jen’s response was, as you might expect, something other than pleasant and friendly. She speaks:

Well, we’ve seen gas prices rise by at least 75 cents since President Putin deployed troops on the Ukrainian border.

However, Doocy is still unfinished, pushing back the line “Putin ate my homework,” he said:

And last month, the statement made no mention of Putin raising prices. It refers to inflation because of the pandemic. Why so?

Jen, unable to give a definitive answer, relied on positivism, citing “experts” and saying:

Well, Peter, last year two years, there was a global pandemic. All those who are global economists agree that is by far the biggest contributor to inflation by impact on the supply chain.

Obviously, global events impact the economy, the global economy, as well as global inflation. And as a result prices rise, which has escalated over time, President Putin’s continued inroads affecting global markets, of course, have an impact.

Check out their second installment here:

Peter has a point. If pre-invasion trends continue, why is it Putin’s fault?

https://smartzune.com/blaming-putin-for-everything-peter-doocy-humiliates-jen-psaki-video/ “Blame Putin for Everything”: Peter Doocy Humiliates Jen Psaki [VIDEO]

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