Black Mirror’s rumored season 6 is a great chance for a fresh approach

All was quiet around Charlie Brooker’s seminal tech horror series black mirror on Netflix since its abridged, three-episode fifth season in 2019. The interactive film of the series Black Mirror: Bandersnatch briefly caused a stir in 2018, but it’s been a long time since the series had the impact or cachet it had in the glory days of its beloved 2016 sequels “San Junipero” and “Nosedive,” let alone shock value, she had when the series premiered in 2011 with the searing political satire The National Anthem.

Variety is now reporting that a sixth season of the show is streaming on Netflix, which has already happened black mirrorhas been at home since 2016. It also gives a glimpse of why Season 6 was delayed – Brooker and creative partner Annabel Jones left their old production company and it took some time before they regained the rights that allowed them to pursue it black mirror. The journal didn’t cite specific sources, but says a Season 6 is currently being cast, that it will have more episodes than Season 5, and that they will be longer, with each episode “being treated as a separate film.”

This wording leaves a lot of leeway for hedging. black mirror Episodes have always been “treated” like individual films, each building a different world. Usually, episodes are set in a future with some new technologies that are an iteration of known technologies of our time, like Nosedive’s society-wide rating systems or Metalhead’s killer hunter robot based on Boston Dynamics’ dog – bots But if that quote takes a more literal approach, it might be just what it is on longer episodes black mirror must remain relevant.

When the series first launched in 2011, it was considered extremely ambitious given how extreme and well-crafted some of its bleak visions of the future were. But no matter how unique and well-watched each episode was, the show began to suffer from a sense of repetition, with each new episode finding the chilling elements in a fundamental piece of technology. Author Daniel Mallory Ortberg summed up the criticism of the series in a devastating tweet: “What if phones, but too many?” (The account associated with that tweet is now gone, but he’s kicked off the thought of an equally disparaging article built in for The Toast.)

With so many horror movie imitators black mirror‘s specific tone and “everything new kinda kills you” approach to technology, individual black mirror Episodes felt a little too dated and familiar to be scary and harrowing like the best were. Brooker has since moved in a more positive direction — his most recent Netflix projects have been the comedy special death by 2020 and the silly interactive trivia cartoon cat climber. But if he goes back black mirrorMovie-length episodes could give him the time to get more out of the world-build, which has always been the show’s strongest point, and spend more time on the character build, which is often its weakest.

The biggest problem with many black mirror Episodes is that they often take one Twilight Zone Approach that relies on oppressive atmosphere and twists in the third act. But a more character-driven approach based on how actual people navigate black mirror Problems, rather than putting all the focus on the problems themselves, could bring new vigor and life to the series. Bandersnatch is innovative in the way it uses its options to choose your own adventure, but it also tells a more complete story (or series of stories, depending on how you “play” it) than most black mirror episodes, and it is a possible model for depth a black mirror story could go on.

Admittedly, with this Brooker and his authors still compete with the types of black mirror Copycat movies that have proliferated since the start of the series – Unfriended and its continuation Spree, hatching, and so forth. But there’s still room to get the genre right, and a wider range could help.

No launch date has been announced yet black mirror season 6 Black Mirror’s rumored season 6 is a great chance for a fresh approach

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