Biden responds to a question from selected reporter – Shy suggests he had ‘meeting’ with leader of the US

President Biden and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a joint statement at the White House on Tuesday. Biden also agreed to take only one question from a carefully selected reporter. Watch:

“Now, we each agree to answer one question,” Biden said. “And, I’ll recognize someone first, Darlene Superville, Associated Press.”

Biden’s agreement to ‘answer a question’ with the press comes amid major international developments, especially Russia and Ukraine’s positions on the possibility of a peace agreement.

The president, however, appears unprepared to discuss these issues at length with the American people, and insists that he has had recent talks with foreign leaders about the issue.

“What is your view on today’s Russian announcement that it will ‘fundamentally scale back its military operations near Kyiv and another northern city in Ukraine?’ Superville asked. “Do you see how this could be the end of the war? Or do you see this as Russia trying to buy time and recalibrate for a new military effort? ”

“We’ll see,” Biden replied. “I didn’t read anything into it until I saw what their actions were. We’ll see if they follow through on what they suggest. “

“There are talks that have started today… or haven’t started yet, continue today,” he rambled. “One in Turkey and other places. I had a meeting with heads of state, uh, four NATO allies… France, Germany, uh, United States of America [sic] and United Kingdom. ”

“And there seems to be a consensus that, let’s see what surname must deliver,” Biden continued. “We will find out what they do, but in the meantime we will continue to maintain strong sanctions. We will continue to provide the Ukrainian army with the ability to defend themselves. And we’ll continue to closely monitor what’s going on. ”

On Monday, President Biden denied having ever made three big mistakes that forced the White House to “turn back” last week. Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy confronted the president about his missteps in a stunning exchange. Watch:

“Are you worried that other world leaders will start to suspect that America will make a comeback if some of the big things you say on the world stage continue to fall behind?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked him.

“What is walking back?” he asked confusingly.

“It seems like just in the last few days, it looks like you told the US military that they were going to Ukraine,” he said. “It sounds like you’re saying there’s a possibility that the US will use chemical weapons, and it sounds like you’re calling for regime change in Russia, and we know…”

“None of the three happened,” Biden replied.

“None of the three happened?” Doocy asked.

“None of the three.”

But one of the most humiliating things to walk out of his press conference was a glimpse of the hand-held notepad his White House managers gave him to process the points. Putin’s “difficult” Q&A talk.

Biden also has a handheld ‘cheat sheet’ so he can deal with Putin’s ‘tough’ questions and answers.

The notecard program his instructions for answering a carefully compiled question a reporter asked him almost verbatim. These are the answers:

  • “I am expressing the moral outrage I feel towards this man’s actions.”
  • “I’m not clear on the change in policy.”

This is how it was given at the press conference. Watch:

“Mr. President, I still want to take back your original word that he can’t stay in power,” asked a reporter. about foreign policy more than any president has ever held this office, whether it’s your personal feelings or your feelings as president Do you understand why people believe you , as the commander of one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals, saying someone can’t stay in power is a statement of US policy? propaganda using those remarks by the Russians?”

“No and no,” Biden said bluntly.

“Tell me why,” insisted the reporter. “You have a lot of experience, you are the leader of this country.”

“Because it’s ridiculous,” he insisted. “Nobody believed that we were going to take down – I talked about taking down Putin. No one believes that. Number one.”

“Second, what have I been talking about since it all started?” Biden asked rhetorically. “The only war that was worse than intended was the one that was not intended. The last thing I want to do is get into a land war or a nuclear war with Russia. That’s not part of it.”

“I am expressing my indignation at this man’s behavior,” Biden lashed out. “It’s outrageous, it’s outrageous. And that’s an aspiration more than anything, he shouldn’t be in power. No – people like this shouldn’t be the rulers, but they do. The fact that they do, doesn’t mean I can’t express my outrage about it.”

It’s not uncommon for the White House to want to protect the President of the United States from answering ‘tough’ questions. And it looks like the American press is ready to go in the right direction with it. Biden responds to a question from selected reporter – Shy suggests he had ‘meeting’ with leader of the US

Jake Nichol

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