Betawatch: Blue Protocol postpones global launch to next year

So snipe.

Can a game break your heart even before it’s released? Yes. yes it can A typical example: Blue log shattered what little was left of me by pushing back its global launch to 2024, with the Japanese launch taking place on June 14th. That’s probably not surprising given the delays we’ve already had, but it doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it. I’ve made up my mind to be honest kitschy about it, in fact. I wanted the game now.

Of course we don’t have to break hearts. You could break in zombies – sorry, “infected” – at any time dawn when it launches on June 15th. It even includes a dead-eyed Will Smith digital simulacrum, although sadly it doesn’t include a game mode in which you take on the role of Will giving the ever-loving troll Chris Rock in a variety of outfits. (I can only assume that Chris Rock’s lawyers would not have approved of this mode.)

But this week there were more beta stories that didn’t involve any slaps at all. You can check them out right below, and for even more games in review, check out the list below. As always, let us know in the comments if something has skipped testing phases unnoticed!



We consider it an MMO open Check out if it offers free, public logins and wipes the server before starting. An MMO is marked closed Check whether it is a private test phase that is not freely accessible to the public; it is also often subject to a non-disclosure agreement. Includes early access and crowdfunded MMOs that we believe are legitimate to test. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of a western launch, or limited interest to our readers are not listed, nor are games that are NFT/blockchain scams ; We also don’t list any extensions, with the occasional exception. Finally, we flag games as “false” when they have been at a certain stage of development for a long time and do not have a clear route to release.

Paid accessLegitimate MMOThe adventurer’s domain online: Early access
open testingLegitimate MMOAero Tales Online: Early access
closed testLegitimate MMOage of water: Beta
closed testLegitimate MMOanvil empires: Intermittent alpha
Paid accessLegitimate MMOArcane Waters: Early access
open testingLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingArcfall: pre-alpha
closed testmultiplayerARC 2: Closed test
Paid accessLegitimate MMOashes of creation: Alpha two planned
closed testmultiplayerash fall: Closed test
Paid accessmultiplayerBattlebit: Early access
closed testLegitimate MMOBellatores: Closed test
closed testLegitimate MMOBlue log: Japanese launch on June 14, worldwide launch in 2024
Paid accessmultiplayerBook of Travels: Early access
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingCamelot unleashed: Closed Beta
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingChronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha again
closed testLegitimate MMOChrono Odyssey: Closed test
closed testLegitimate MMOCinderstone Online: Closed Beta
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingCity of Titans: Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOCoreborn: Nations of Ultracore: Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOcorepunk: Closed Alpha
Paid accessmultiplayerCraftopia: Early access
closed testmultiplayerThe Crew Motor Festival: Closed test
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingDark and light: Early Access (left?)
closed testLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingDarkbind: Closed Beta (probably cancelled?)
closed testmultiplayerThe day before: Closed Alpha (Delay Drama)
Paid accessmultiplayerDiablo IV: OpenBeta
Paid accessLegitimate MMOdream world: pre-alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOdune awakening: Closed test
Paid accessmultiplayerSimulation in constant testingECO: Early access
closed testLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingEleven: Closed Alpha
open testingmultiplayerregistered: Beta
closed testmultiplayerfairy farm: Closed test (delayed)
Paid accessLegitimate MMObroken online: Back in closed development
closed testmultiplayerBroken Veil: Back in closed development
Paid accessmultiplayerFrozen Flame: Early access
closed testLegitimate MMOGenevanad: Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOIlya: Alpha two
open testingLegitimate MMOinferna: Early access
open testingLegitimate MMOKurtzpel: Closed Beta
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingLast oasis: Early Access (left?)
closed testmultiplayerLost Heavens: Closed test
closed testLegitimate MMOMonsters & Memories: Intermittent pre-alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOMortal Exodus: Closed test
closed testmultiplayermultiverse: Returned to the closed test
closed test
multiplayernightingale: Meep
open testingmultiplayerSimulation in constant testingNoah’s heart: Beta
open testingLegitimate MMOStrange Giants: Alpha
Paid accessmultiplayerSimulation in constant testingOutlaws of the Old West: Early access
closed testmultiplayerPalia: Closed Alpha
Paid accessLegitimate MMOPantheon: Intermittent backer alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOpast fate: Closed Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOpax dei: Closed Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOperfect new world: Closed Beta
open testingLegitimate MMOPowVista: Open Beta (mobile)
closed testmultiplayerProject Genome: Closed Alpha (server offline, abandoned?)
Paid accessLegitimate MMOProject Gorgon: Early Access Beta
open testingmultiplayerWealthy Universe: Early access
open testingLegitimate MMOGuild rule: Intermittent open beta
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSamuTale: Closed Alpha
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingseed: Alpha (Drama, Crypto Link, and Weird Communication Blockage?)
Paid accessLegitimate MMOshadow kiss: Early Access (But Read This First)
closed testLegitimate MMOShip of Heroes: Beta test
closed testmultiplayerSimulation in constant testingskull and bones: Closed Alpha
closed testmultiplayermagic arts: Alpha
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingStarCitizen: Supporter Alpha
Paid accessmultiplayerstarbase: Open Alpha with early access
closed testLegitimate MMOTarisland: Beta
closed testLegitimate MMOthrone and liberty: Korean closed beta
Paid accessmultiplayerValheim: Early access
Paid accessmultiplayerV increases: Early access
Paid accessLegitimate MMOSimulation in constant testingValidation Online: Closed Beta
closed testLegitimate MMOThe Wagadu Chronicles: Alpha two
closed testmultiplayerWarcraft Arclight Rumble: Closed Alpha
closed testLegitimate MMOwaves: Open Alpha
closed testmultiplayerwayfinder: Closed Beta

We welcome additions and corrections to this list; Send your information to us via tips!

blankYes, MMO players, you too can do the unpaid quality control work also known as playtesting! Check out the Massively Overpowered beta watch each week for a rundown of the MMOs that are yet to release, though they seem to have established a permanent home in a shack called Early Access.


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