Best Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build

In Wild Hearts, elegance meets devastation and the claw blade reigns supreme. If you’re looking for a weapon that combines sure, consistent damage with breathtaking aerial mobility, the Claw Blade is for you. One of the reasons the Claw Blade is so popular with Wild Hearts players is its ability to deal significant multi-hit damage while maintaining mid-air mobility. Additionally, the anchor keeps you connected to your kemono and allows you to easily target and break certain kemono parts, making it an ideal farming weapon.

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What is the best Claw Blade Build in Wild Hearts?

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Best Clawblade Build for Chapter 1

Our hero will have to wait until chapter 2 to unlock the coveted claw blades, so any weapon will do for now. What you can work on for now is to prepare yourself with an armor selection that will be the envy of all samurai fashionistas of us.

  • Head: Kingtusk Basara helmet decorated with Nostrum Water
  • armor: Young samurai body made from the scales of the fearsome Ragetail or Sapscourge beasts. It grants us a health boost to weather any storm.
  • hands: the wandering bard Tecco. It offers a Savage +1 bonus.
  • Legs: The young samurai Haidate. Grants a health boost to keep us on our feet.
  • feet: Basara Sune-ate of Kingtusk. Has a Savage +1 buff.

Best claw blade build for Chapter 2

As the journey progresses, so does our arsenal of weapons and armor.

  • weapon: Yashima Claw, a weapon that packs a raw punch and has a whopping 30 percent part splitting ability.
  • Head: Kingtusk Basara Helmet with Nostrum Water Boost.
  • Breast: Argent breastplate with a health boost and a 16% increase in our Weapon Art damage.
  • hands: Argent Bracers imbued with Ironclad +1 and Dodge Boost +2,
  • Legs: Argent Bracers that grant a Sidestepper +6% and Fusion Master’s True Human skill.
  • feet: Sporetail Veteran Sune-ate, which gives a Dodge Master +17%.

Best claw blade build for Chapter 3

Our Kemono setup strikes a perfect balance between health, stamina, healing, and utility, with a recovery boost boosting our healing from all sources and our gauntlets allowing us to leap around with agility.

  • weapon: Amber Claw of Sapscourge, which excels at high Raw and Part Break skills, further enhanced with inherited skills and Vanity Crit for that extra damage boost.
  • helmet: Jadedance Mengu with a recovery boost and a Rally Kemono for a rage boost.
  • Breast: Great juniper body armor with a health boost, a strong arm and entanglement recovery.
  • hands: Cutthroat Gauntlets with Fatigue Relief and new leaf boosts.
  • Legs: Mighty Red Plum Haidate with a health and dodge boost.
  • feet: Myotara Tabi endowed with resurrection.

Best claw blade build for Chapter 4

Time to take our claw blades to new heights in Chapter 4.

  • weapon: Furyfang Claw by Apex Hellhunter.
  • Breast: Powerful Hellhunter set, from head to toe.

This set looks intimidating and gives us some sweet offensive and defensive boosts, making us a force to be reckoned with.

Best Claw Blade Build for Chapter 5

We’ve reached the endgame and it’s time to show those Kemonos who’s boss.

  • weapon: Blaze Claw has been upgraded to Lavaback Claw.
  • head and chest: Emberplume helmet and chest for maximum protection and resistance to Kemono attacks.
  • hands and feet: Wayward Raider Tekko and Boots that give us improved recovery and gryphon master skills.
  • Legs: Celestial Dragon Dragonic Body Armor gives us a gross boost of health and fighting spirit to keep us going in battle.

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