Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact

Resin in Genshin Impact is a valuable resource that allows you to participate in certain activities in Genshin Impact. Resin is also closely tied to character progression, as many of the items you need to level up your characters are locked behind domains that require resin.

With so many different ways to spend resin in the game, there are certain days when you might consider using resin for one thing over another. You don’t need Mora every day, nor do you need a new artifact every day.

Here are some of the ways you can use resin in Genshin Impact:

Weekly bosses

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There are many weekly bosses in Genshin Impact that drop artifacts, level-up materials, talent level-up materials, and more. These bosses include instances like Childe, Dvalin, and the Raiden Shogun. These are tough battles, but they can reward you with plenty.

In order to get a weekly boss reward, you need to spend 30 resin on the first three weekly bosses and 60 resin after that. This is an expensive way to spend your resin, but it’s also necessary as it’s the only way you can get certain talent level-up materials. Since this is a weekly instance, it’s recommended to set aside a day to burn through the weekly bosses you need.


The Lost Valley Domain The Chasm Genshin Impact
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Domains are instances where you can engage in battle. At the end of this battle, you’ll have an opportunity to redeem some resin to get a reward. Each domain gives a different reward, such as B. Talent level-up materials, artifacts, and weapon level-up materials.

To claim the reward in a domain, you must spend 20 resin per attempt. When you get a new powerful weapon or character, it is recommended that you find the required domain and spend your resin to try and improve your stuff here.

Ley line outcrops

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Ley Line Outcrops are activatable fights found in the overworld. Once you’ve defeated the enemies from this battle, you’ll have an opportunity to redeem some resin for character EXP materials or Mora.

Like domains, ley line outcrops require you to spend 20 resin per reward. If you need to level up a new character or are in dire need of Mora, this is the best way to spend your resin. Otherwise you should look elsewhere.

world bosses

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World bosses are bosses in the overworld that drop exclusive character level-up materials. These bosses are the only source of these character level-up materials, which means you have to fight these bosses regularly when getting a new character.

Defeating a world boss gives you a chance to spend 40 resin on a reward. The best way to take advantage of world bosses is to stockpile many of the materials they drop while waiting for a new character.

condensed resin

Activate The Chasm mechanism in Genshin Impact
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Condensed Resin is a consumable that converts Original Resin into a new form of Resin. Using this while claiming a reward will give you double rewards.

To craft Condensed Resin, you must spend 40 Resin and 1 Crystal Core. Crafting this item does not grant you any additional rewards, but instead saves the time spent farming areas such as domains. It is recommended to craft these items if you plan to spend time farming domains.

Those are the best ways you can spend resin in Genshin Impact! Use this resource wisely as you only have a limited amount available each day. Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact

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