Best Shadowhunter build in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s Shadowhunter subclass offers a unique option for Assassin players who want to maximize their performance in those moments when they feel the fight demands additional damage.

While Shadowhunter has much in common with its Deathblade counterpart – extremely high damage, respectable mobility, and exceptionally small health – much of what makes the former game so unique and enjoyable is based on the ability to temporarily transform into a demon during combat.

Moving at a faster speed and dealing more damage, this demon form can benefit players in more intense situations, as long as they know how to manage the mechanic optimally.

Play style: Stick and move

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Shadowhunters can only activate their demon form after dealing enough damage to fill their Shadowburst Meter.

Usually, increasing damage for this purpose isn’t particularly difficult for Glass Shadowhunters to do. However, their minimal health, when compared to other classes, makes them unsuitable for primary aggression from hordes of enemies.

When playing to build Shadowburst, Shadowhunters should ideally conduct dungeons by carefully attacking standard enemies from afar, keeping their distance from potential threats while doing as few unnecessary attacks. set the better. This makes building and upgrading skills that can attack and combine at long distances especially valuable.

Fortunately, most of Shadowhunter’s skill set can attack at long range.

  • Grind Chain: Basic, medium AoE damage
  • Cruel Cutter: Extremely long ranged damage option that can knock up enemies, creating distance
  • Demon’s Grip: Deals considerable damage in range while also pulling enemies away from the crowd and towards the player, allowing for safe combos

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Make the most of demon form

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When Shadowhunter’s Shadowburst meter is full, the player is free to activate their demon form as needed by pressing Z.

Activating the demon form temporarily replaces the player’s selected hot bar skills with six “Special” skills for the duration of the transformation. These abilities cannot be upgraded by leveling up, nor can they receive tiered perks like other skills. However, they are naturally very powerful for raw DPS production purposes.

While a non-demon Shadowhunter can still manage top tier DPS against hordes of standard enemies, its Shadowburst is best saved for boss battles, where the demon form’s damage boost can be used. used quickly and effectively against the health bar of a giant boss. Therefore, damage dealt to standard enemies before a boss can be used to cast Shadowburst on that boss.

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