Best NES game, gimmick, 30 years old

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January 31, 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of a great Sunsoft platform known as Advertisement tricks, was released for the Famicom in 1992. Pardon me while I spend a few paragraphs talking about it.

Advertisement tricks The transition period has come. Global video game development rapidly moved from the Famicom generation (known elsewhere as the Nintendo Entertainment System) in favor of the 16-bit power of the Super Famicom (aka Super Nintendo). So, Advertisement tricks Director Tomomi Sakai and his team streamlined the Famicom’s graphics processing and included a separate sound chip in the cartridge so that the project could compete with more beautiful and sound games on the console. latest hard.

With intricate visuals, animations, and soundtracks, Advertisement tricks is the perfect example of the work that can be created when developers eschew the appeal of the new console generation and instead fire on all cylinders implementing everything they’ve learned working on. an older, less powerful platform. This additional work was not appreciated at the time — its sole distribution outside of Japan was limited to a small number of localizations for the Scandinavian market — but Advertisement tricks has since attained cult classic status.

“The game took 10 years for people to appreciate it,” Sakai joked in a 2011 interview with Japanese entertainment magazine Cyzo before noting that Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto praised Advertisement tricks while talking to an acquaintance shared shortly after the release. “Considering I’ve always wanted to make a game that outperforms every other action game out there, including Mario, that makes me really happy. ”

The first time I know about Advertisement tricks thanks to a speedrunner named cyghfer, who showcased the intricacies of the game’s motion at several Quick Finish Games events. And while I couldn’t even pull off the same advanced techniques, all I needed to do was a few minutes with the game to make sense of its legacy. Advertisement tricks utilizes a great sense of flow — aided by mechanics like being able to ride the bouncing star projectile your character creates and accelerating ramps — that makes the action simple on the go Through its colorful, dreamlike world it almost instantly feels smooth and second nature.

So sad, playing Advertisement tricks Legally it’s still a tough prospect as both versions sell for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on auction sites like eBay. But not all is doom and gloom. The game was re-released in Japan as part of 2010 Sunsoft Memorial Collection: Episode 6, a PlayStation Network bundle bundled with Super spy hunter. USArecent ore, it has found its way to the arc in 2020 through Advertisement tricks! Exact match, a high-resolution port for the exA-Arcadia platform. Sunsoft even admit anniversaries earlier today on Twitter and apologize for the lack of updates on Advertisement tricksof the future.

In any case, I will now make a cliché saying that you should do it yourself and check Advertisement tricks as soon as you can, if only because the game world could use a little more of its charm. Happy birthday, you lovely little game. Best NES game, gimmick, 30 years old

James Brien

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