Best J horror movies to watch before playing Ghostwire: Tokyo

House more like an acid trip than a traditional movie. It’s often childish (it makes sense that the director’s young daughter helped create the base concept), but only the most boring souls won’t be able to at least appreciate the boldness of this film. Included on most short lists of “the weirdest movies ever”, House reminds us that stories about the supernatural sometimes work best when they are as far away as possible. – MB

Infection (Kansen) Thriller J

Infection (Kansen)

The Hospital of Horror is a popular traditional setting for horror films. Western films are particularly fond of using that inherent horror environment, but few use it as effectively. infection do. The film focuses on the staff of a near-bankrupt hospital that takes on a burn victim and accidentally kills him through the fault of the clergy. Those events quickly turn to horror when a new patient with a liquefied virus is rolled into the hospital.

The J-Horror game channel infection is to keep the audience guessing until the end, just to challenge what viewers thought they last knew. It also makes the most of a memorable blend of psychological horror, claustrophobia, and a dirty atmosphere. – AG

Ju-On: The Grudge J-Horror

Ju has a grudge

If Ringu introduced many Western audiences to the concept of the J-Horror, Ju has a grudge familiarize those audiences with J-Horror’s most popular monster: the onryō. Ju above stars a number of unrelated characters who are haunted by vengeful spirits after they enter a haunted house. While each character’s story unfolds independently, the overarching story revolves around that house and the origin of those ghosts. Ju abovemuch as Ringuterrifies audiences with its unrelenting atmosphere of excitement and minimal tug-of-war, but it also adds the occasional obscured ghost that viewers might only recognize if they dared to watch it again.

Ju has a grudge and the American remake solidified much of our basic J-Horror mythology. The film popularizes the concept of a ghost with long pale hair, crawling erratically, emitting a pitiful cry, and can appear anywhere, even during the day. – AG

Kwaidan J-Thriller


KwaidanIts age and long screen time (more than three hours) may scare some potential audiences, but trust me when I say that every movie fan needs to find time to lose themselves in the work. This undeniable classic.

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