Ben Shapiro weighs in on Whoopi’s shamelessly inaccurate History Lessons

Whoopi Goldberg said the Massacre had nothing to do with targeting Jews. Here’s why that

This week, the former actress is award-winning and lavishly decorated
Whoopi Goldberg fooled himself. This is not surprising; Goldberg no?
that is quite often on “The View”. The good news for Goldberg is that no one
Announcement – trying to determine which chubby host gets the cake for the most things
Commenting on any given date is an exercise in multivariable calculus, so Goldberg often
tends to blend into the background of daftness.

But on Monday, Goldberg really stood out.

Discussing a little-known Tennessee school board’s decision to delete
Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel “Maus” from a Holocaust unit at number eight-
classmate, Goldberg offers an explanation of the Holocaust that shines in both
its ignorance and malignancy.

Joy Behar, the usual front-runner for the Crown of Idiocy, led by
explained that Tennessee school board members “didn’t like history making
white people look bad.” Then Goldberg continued: “Possibly. This is a white man
do it with white people. All of you, let’s fight together. “

This comment would be insanely offensive, in and of itself: This is
Goldberg, called the Nazis and Jews “white people doing it to white people.” But
Goldberg is just getting started. “If we are going to do this,” said Goldberg, “let
Let’s be honest about it because the Holocaust has nothing to do with race. Is not. It’s not about race. “
Behar rightly said, “They see the Jews as a different race.” But Goldberg will
does not tolerate dissent: “It’s not about race. It’s not about race… It’s about people
inhumane to humans. That’s what it’s about.

At this time, Ana Navarro tried to intervene and stop the crazy train.
“But it’s about white supremacy,” Navarro said. “It is about pursuing the Jews and
gypsies. “No, Goldberg said. “These are two groups of white people… You guys
lack of points. When you turn it into a race, it goes down this alley. Let’s talk
about it for what it is. That’s how people treat each other. That’s a problem. It’s not
it doesn’t matter if you are black or white because black, white, jewish, italian, everyone eats
each other.”

It is not possible to exaggerate here about asininity. Apparently Nazis
targeting Jews as a race; Hitler did not exactly conceal the ball as he claimed in
“Mein Kampf”: “Their existence is not based on a great lie, it is
are they a religious community, when in fact they are a race? “Hitler
repeatedly referred to the Jews as a parasitic race, and targeted Jews on
basis of nationality rather than religious observance.

Then the question must be asked: What exactly does Goldberg think she is?
Doing? The answer is that she believes she is supporting
theory of race and racism. That theory holds that society is structured according to a hierarchy
of victim groups and victims; that the groups are disproportionate
successful are the victims and disproportionately few groups
Success is the victim. The Jews were disproportionately successful; so they are
White. And, discrimination theory posits, racism is not defined as the belief that any
another race is superior to or inferior to another race; instead, racism means – as Person against
The defamation league recently defined it – “the marginalization and/or suppression of
people of color based on racial hierarchies built into white privileged societies

These two concepts, used in tandem, mean that Jews cannot be considered as
victims of anti-Semitism. They are very successful; They call you moon skin. So they
cannot be a member of a victim minority. This is why the mainstream Left
reluctant recognition of anti-Semitism of Hamas (Democracy of Jamaal
Bowman, for example, condemns Israel for defending itself against missile attacks
of Hamas by disparaging “Bloody and murdered black and brown bodies”); it
is why the fundamentalist Left is complicit in the lie that anti-Semitism is the only real
stemming from white supremacists, ignoring the actual acts of anti-Jewish hatred by members of the
minority populations. Conspiracy theories of the Left copulate – which a group of
white victims (including Jews, and now Asians) controlling their own society
interests – which have crossed streams with anti-Semitism.

Goldberg’s comment is not a misnomer. They are just the latest iteration
about a cruel and evil power theory in politics – a conspiracy theory about
successful groups and the system by which they succeed.

Ben Shapiro, 38, a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The
Ben Shapiro Show,” and editor-in-chief of He is the author of
The New York Times bestsellers “How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps”, “”
The Right Side of History” and “Bullyers”. Ben Shapiro weighs in on Whoopi’s shamelessly inaccurate History Lessons

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