Behold: Ukrainians enjoy themselves in a supposedly stolen tank

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What would you do if the Russians invaded and just left a tank open for you to jump in and take a lap…?

Well, if you’re a purebred American, you’d jump in and take a spin just like those Ukrainians did in a helpfully featured video through LautermitCrowder:

Was that the safe decision? No, probably not, they could have been shot, although theoretically it’s a bit safer to be inside a tank than outside, especially with heavy artillery firing.

But more importantly, it was the fun decision, the decision you can imagine as an impulsive young man in the olden days, back before Fauci told the world to sit home alone, to be safe at all costs be? yes but it is

Also, the Russians will almost certainly win the war sooner or later, so what do these guys have to lose? Your country will be taken over anyway, so why not hop in and drive around, take a spin and live life in the fast lane?

Now something is still unknown, namely how they got the tank. Although the man speaking in the video says they stole it, it’s hard to imagine how they managed to steal a tank, especially when they stole it from the Russians. It would be odd to just leave a gassed and armed tank sitting around to be stolen.

So, maybe the Russians…were tanked as the Ukraine was turned into East St. Louis, or maybe the men were somehow given the tank or adopted one to drive around in.

But then again, Joe left behind billions of operational weapons, including armored vehicles (albeit of the MRAP variant, not tanks), so who knows. Maybe the Russians just left a tank around for the Ukrainians to grab.

But however they managed to get the tank, it looks like it’ll be driving around with it for quite some time. Hopefully they live to tell the full story at some point.

Plus, as Crowder put it, we all owe these guys a debt, as the grueling (no pun intended) time they’re having with a stolen tank in Ukraine speaks to why we should obviously have them in the U.S. by A. As this outlet put it:

The other thought that came to mind while watching this video is the Liberal argument against the Second Amendment: “What? You think people should be able to own tanks?” Well yes. Look how much fun they are having! It might be impractical in the suburbs, but out in rural America, where there’s nothing but farms and orchards as far as the eye can see? I’d totally ride on a tank, probably have a beer and blow up Koe Wetzel like it’s a ride-on mower, do tank-sized donuts in the field and pretend I’m not me while huge skid marks direct the cops to it lead my house.

Unfortunately, the Taliban seem more likely to get these tanks than we do. Still, it’s a fun thought! Behold: Ukrainians enjoy themselves in a supposedly stolen tank

Jake Nichol

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