Beginner tips and tricks for Deathverse: Let it Die

Deathverse: Let It Die takes the Dark Souls-inspired combat of the original Let it Die game and ups the intensity, throwing you into a 16-person battle arena where the winner takes everything. This high-intensity battle can be intimidating, so here are some essential tips to help you stay alive in Deathverse.

Fighting makes you stronger

The biggest difference between your traditional battle royale and Deathverse: Let it Die is that you don’t just take health from your opponents, you actually harvest it for yourself. Each player has a max health bar of 2000 HP, but you start the game at 1000 HP. This means fights can tend to go back and forth. The more health your opponent has, the more you have to win by fighting them. Being defensive is important, yes, but the key to surviving is to keep attacking.

Not all weapons are the same

The weapons in Deathverse: Let It Die are just as unique as in the previous game. The game has five different weapon categories: the machete, the katana, the hammer, the gauntlets and the buzzsaw. Each of these categories also has three different weapons. While the damage and animations are the same for each category, each weapon has an entirely different passive skill and weapon XP meter to make those passives even better. Finally, the game assigns three “Weapons of the Day” each day: one that grants bonus kill coins, one that grants bonus ranking points in ranked mode, and one that gives bonus weapon XP. Pay attention to the weapon inventory menu to optimize your time in the game.

Stay away from edges

One of the more frustrating aspects of Deathverse: Let it Die is that the game communicates that there is no fall damage in the arena and that you can be knocked out of the arena and killed instantly. How often this happens depends entirely on what map you’re playing. Some maps have huge open areas. Of course, we don’t recommend throwing yourself off the edge, but if you’re trying to max out the Battle Pass objective for playing games, dying fast helps.

The minimap is your friend

an image showing the start of a round, the announcer text on the screen reads "Here we go! Oh, I'm already getting shivers down my spine! The minimap is divided into seven hexagonal rooms and connecting corridors
Gamepur screenshot

Keeping an eye on the mini-map is key to survival. Most matches in Deathverse last less than ten minutes, largely due to how the game ultimately tries to force you into a room. If you see an X on the minimap, that means someone just died, and that means at least one other person was there to kill them. Use this information to find out how many people are in your area at any given time. Zones also become poisonous at random, so make sure you use the mini-map to stay away from these zones as they will quickly deplete your health.

You can’t kill a hunter

Hunters are another unique aspect of Deathverse: Let it Die. They spawn randomly and are determined to kill players. At the start of this game there is only one way to survive a hunter attack: run away and hope they kill someone else. You must break their line of sight when spotted, then hide until they disappear. But more than likely, if you’ve been spotted by a hunter, you’ll be dead very quickly. Beginner tips and tricks for Deathverse: Let it Die

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