Beat the Elden Ring in 20 minutes with an absurd teleportation error

An Elden Ring screenshot showing the tarnished player character riding the ethereal fortress Torrent and leaping through the air in the Lands Between.

We saw a few Elden ring Speedruns already, with people doing things like beat the game without dying once in the Lands Between, including challenge runs. But someone who has hired World records for completing the latest FromSoftware souls-as with the fastest possible time is back with a new high score.

YouTuber and noted souls Speedrunner Distortion2 posted another video of their record-breaking completion time of 18 minutes and 57 seconds. This is wild! In this last run, Distortion2 used a groundbreaking exploit called “The zipper‘, which will teleport your Tainted across the map, allowing you to skip entire sections of the game. According to various posts in the community, by Reddit to youtube, it is difficult to determine the timing of the failure. In order to do The Zip, you have to pay attention and move forward at very specific intervals, making it difficult to pull off with any kind of regularity. There apparently Auto hotkeys you can use to make running the bug a little easier, but these appear to be PC only.

Aside from using the zip exploit a lot – say to jump from the game’s first Site of Grace to Stormhill’s Stormgate in about two to three seconds – the rest of Distortion 2 is fairly familiar to anyone who’s played both Elden ring or seen one of the many crazy speed runs. Distortion2 was zipped to Liurnia of the Lakes from the Stormgate Site of Grace where Melina gives you torrents to pick up a few items like that Icerind Hatchet for the Hoarfrost Stomp debuff weapon skill while ignoring almost every enemy they came in contact with, using both the Wrong Warp and Zip glitches sparingly to bypass the Lands Between. Distortion2 is also used the flying torrent exploit to quickly get to Raya Lucaria’s Academy, often seen as a shortcut to Volcano Manor.

kotaku asked Distortion2 for comment.

Her previous record was a run under 30 minutes, Clocking in at 28 minutes and 59 secondsposted on March 14th. At the time, this run was her fifth consecutive world record for an “Any%” Elden ring speed run.

the leaderboards for Elden ring at have been unlocked, and while Distortion2’s time is unmarked, her under-20-minute run is by far the fastest for any category. The same goes for the Dark Souls– dedicated speedrunning website, with Distortion2 is time to beat everyone else. Distortion2 was so committed to this sub-20 minute run that they even put it in the description of the video on twitter that they “changed a flight and did a 15 hour stream” just to grind and post that crazy time.

I love watching people pull off amazing gaming feats. That’s why I love esports. But these Elden ring Speed ​​runs are getting too much. I can’t keep up! I now expect someone to glitch from the start the Limgrafenland to the final boss and beat the game in about, I don’t know, 60 seconds. Beat the Elden Ring in 20 minutes with an absurd teleportation error

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