Bandai Namco Races to stop the attacks of dark spirits in the Elden ring

An Elden Ring character rode his horse in a swamp when a rampaging dragon-like creature roared at them.

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

All PC versions of Dark souls The game will remain offline for the foreseeable future, according to a new tweet from the series publisher Bandai Namco, to fix at least one major security hole. Furthermore, the developers are working to ensure that the same critical vulnerability does not exist in FromSoftware’s upcoming game. Elden RingExpires on February 25th.

While that may sound like bad news, some players are actually pleased that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have finally taken the time to fix at least some of the game’s deadliest exploits.

Publishing company take it all soul-series of PC game servers offline on January 23 “To allow the team to investigate recent reports of problems with online services.” This is a skewed allusion to the multitude of security holes that some technically gifted players have been trying to get developers to acknowledge and fix, some for years. (Note: It looks like the lion’s current mining rate only affects PC players. Servers for all console versions of the game are still up.)

The most severe reported security vulnerabilities, known as remote code execution (RCE) exploits, could allow hackers to take full control of a player’s PC. The story finally started to unfold around two weeks ago when a person with knowledge of the most recently discovered RCE exploit, frustrated at Bandai Namco’s slowness in fixing the issue, reported performing a live exploit on the broadcast of an accidental Twitch streamer.

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In the new report from Chronicles of video gamesa member of Dark souls community affirms that there are more than 100 frauds and security holes in Dark Souls III affects PC players and sources say the presence of these serious problems in Elden Ring is “inevitable” do soul network infrastructure shared series ‘.

“Although it’s not much, I’ve modified a few other games with an online component and nothing comes close to ‘broken’ soul is the network,” the player who found the most recent RCE exploit told VGC.

Back in December of last year, that player, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted Bandai Namco to warn of the serious danger posed by the new RCE exploit, going as far as to provide two PDFs illustating the RCE and suggest how to fix it. Based on VGCA representative from the Bandai Namco support team acknowledged receiving the email, saying that the information had been “sent to the task force so that they can investigate and take the necessary measures.”

But after more than a month No further action neededThe player decided to tackle the issue with that live stunt, with the aim of drawing public attention to the critical flaw and hopefully lighting a fire under Bandai Namco’s ass.

“It looks like the online game is ‘glued’ onto a single-player game and has no thought in terms of security,” the mining search engine says. VGC. “It is amazing how many game structures are memory-mapped into network packets and sent to other players, which are then used directly by the receiving player’s game. Virtually no data checks.”

That’s not good for PC Elden Ring Safe to play online, right? So you can see why some players are relieved that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have finally taken action on some unspecified reported issues.

Kotaku Have contacted publisher for comment.

Elden Ring launches on February 25 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Bandai Namco Races to stop the attacks of dark spirits in the Elden ring

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